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How Do I Use the CCH Research Network?

What is the CCH Research Network?

The Law Library subscribes to three CCH Research Libraries.  The three libraries cover a variety of subjects and contain full text primary and secondary materials on those subjects.  In essence, the CCH Research Network is conceptually the online equivalent of the CCH looseleaf services held by the Law Library in paper format.

Use of the CCH Research Network is restricited to the University of Michigan Law School Network.

How do I use the CCH Research Network?
First you would need to choose the appropriate library (detailed below).  Once you are in one of the libraries, the basic screen is the general search screen with the search entry box at the top of the screen.  From this screen you can perform a keyword search or you can locate material by citation.  If you click on the the "search tools" box below the search entry box, you can further detail your search including narrowing your search to specific document types.

Each library is broken down into smaller subparts represented by the tabs just below the search entry box.  Within these subparts, you can choose entire sections or individual publications and publication subsections to search within.  For example by checking the box next to "Federal Securities Cases" and then running a search would limit the search to federal securities cases from the Federal Securities Law Reporter.  You can choose subsections from a number of different tab areas in a library for a search.

Guides and search tips are available under the "My CCH" or "Training & Support" tab in each of the libraries.

The Libraries
Use the Business and Finance Research Network for research on the following subjects:

  • Securities (includes the Federal Securities Law Reporter, the Commodity Futures Law Reporter and several Aspen Publishers treatises)
  • Global Securities
  • Banking 
  • Exchanges and Self Regulatory Organizations
  • Trade Regulation (includes the Trade Regulations Reporter, Trademark Law Guide, and the Advertising Law Guide)
  • Government Contracts
  • Information Technology
  • Federal Energy Guidelines
  • Transportation Law (includes Aviation Law Reporter)
  • Products Liability and Safety (includes Products Liability Reporter)

Use the Health and Human Resources Research Network for research on the following subjects:

  • Human Resources Management 
  • Payroll
  • Pension & Benefits (includes US Master Pension Guide)
  • Employment Law (includes Employment Practices Guide and Disabilities Management Guide)
  • Safety, OSHA, & Workers' Compensation
  • Health Law (includes Medicare and Medicaid Guide)
  • Food & Drug (includes Food, Drug, Cosmetic Law Reporter)

Use the OmniTax Research Network for research on the following tax subjects:

  • Federal (includes TAXES - the Tax Magazine, Federal Tax Service, Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter, Federal Estate/Gift Tax Reporter, Federal Excise Tax Reporter, Tax Treaties Reporter, and US Master Tax Guide)
  • State (includes Multistate Tax Guides)
  • Financial and Estate Planning
  • Special Entities

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