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How Do I Access & Use Keycite?

What is KeyCite?
KeyCite is a citation research service developed by West that allows researchers to check whether a source, most often a case, is still good law.  KeyCite is a product similar in usage to Lexis' Shepard's Citations.

KeyCite will list citations to cases, statutes, administrative decisions, law review articles, ALR notations, and regulations.  KeyCite listings also include status flags indicating negative direct and indirect history, the depth of treatment, and direct quotations by citing cases.

Where Can I Access KeyCite?
KeyCite is available on CALR terminals 16-23 on Sub-1 of the Law Library.  There is an icon on the desktop of those terminals that provides direct access to KeyCite.

On the left margin of the main KeyCite screen, there is a search box labelled "KeyCite this citation" where the user can submit the cite they would like to KeyCite.

The correct abbreviation for a publication, as used by KeyCite, can be found in the "Publications List."  To get to the "Publications List," click on "Keycite" in the upper middle of the screen and then "Publications List" on the left.

Additional Information

  • The synopsis of the case is available by clicking the blue "Split Screen" icon on the upper right of the results list screen.
  • Full text of the cases, law review articles, etc. are not available.
  • The citation lists for the citations on the result list are available by clicking on the status symbol for the citation.
  • There may be multiple pages to the citation list.  This would be noted in the lower right corner of the results list.

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