Library Hours: May 5 - May 31: 8 am - 8 pm | CLOSED Memorial Day, May 30

Getting Help

The Reference Desk is on Sub-1. It is staffed from 9am - midnight when school is in session and from 9am - 6pm during interims. Reference staff members are here to help you identify the materials you need, determine if the library owns those materials and help you use them. Professional librarians are scheduled on the desk in Fall and Winter terms: M-W, 10-8pm; Th-Fr, 10-5pm; and Sun, 2-6pm; and in Spring and Summer time: M-F, 10-5pm.

The Circulation Desk is on Sub-2. It is staffed whenever the library is open. Circulation staff there will help you locate books or microforms once you have determined that the library owns them. 


Re-Shelving Books

Each day our shelving staff pick up and re-shelve books on tables, in the copier rooms, or left in carrels (they will only re-shelve books from carrels if they are not checked out) as well as returned library books on carts and in book drop boxes. Most books are re-shelved within 24 hours of pick up.

Notes asking shelving staff to leave books lying unattended on tables are not honored.

If you need to have books held for you while you leave the library, take them to the Circulation Desk and ask that they be put on hold, or check them out to your carrel.

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