Library Hours: Jan 12 - May 4: 8am - Midnight


There are 2 copiers in the library: 1 in the copy area on Sub-1, and 1 in the copy room on Sub-2.

The cost for copies is 10¢ per page. You will need a Copier Card to make copies. For a map of copier locations, click here  PDF Document opens in new window.

For the full details about copiers in the library, including locations, cost, copier functions, etc., see this information sheet: Using the Photocopiers PDF Document opens in new window.

Copier Cards: To use the copiers in the library, you will need a Copier Card. These are located on top of the Card Encoder Machines which are used to add money to the Copier Cards. Card Encoder Machines are located in 3 places in the library: The copy room on Sub-1, the copy room on Sub-2, and the Reserve area on Sub-2.

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Tip: How to Save Money on Copies-- Instead of using the copiers in the library, why not go paperless?

The law library copiers can scan to email or a USB flash drive. Each of these scan in black and white. There are also 2 printers in the Law Library that can scan in color: 1 in the Sub-2 Copy rRoom, and 1 in the Sub-3 Computer Lab.

Detailed instructions are posted nea​r the scanners.

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