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Study Spaces

Quiet Study Spaces

  • West end of the Reading Room: reserved for law students at all times.
  • Underground library: study space in the underground library is reserved for the exclusive use of MLaw students at all times that the library is open. The Law Library has a variety of seating and study areas, including standing tables.
    • Lightwell Balconies - Underneath the lightwells are inviting study tables featuring outlets and plenty of natural light.
    • Large tables - Larger tables are available throughout each level of the Underground Library. Tables have a variety of configurations, with some adjustable to standing height. Others are at a fixed standing height.
    • Study carrels - Students who need some privacy when studying should consider using an individual carrel on Sub-2. Carrels are equipped with lighting and outlets. The seating in most carrels is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Lounge-style seating - Students seeking a more open study space will enjoy the comfortable lounge chairs located in front of the Jackier Rare Book Room on Sub 1, and near the lightwells on Sub-2 and Sub-3.

Collaborative Study Spaces

  • Upper Commons (UpCo) & Lower Commons (LoCo)
    • UpCo is reserved for law students at certain times.
    • LoCo is reserved for law students at all times that the building is open and has a variety of seating types.
  • Group study rooms are reserved for law students and can be reserved online
    • There are 11 group study rooms for groups of up to 10 in the Reading Room alcoves with TV monitors and A/V hookups for laptops. These study rooms require an MCard to enter.
    • Room B60B in LoCo holds up to 4 people.
    • Three study rooms on sub-2 of the underground library. Two hold large groups, and all are equipped with whiteboards or chalkboards.

Group Study Rooms


Three Law Library group study rooms in the underground addition, eleven Reading Room group study rooms, and one group study room in the Lower Level of the Commons are available for reservation by Law Students. These study rooms have the same restrictions as the Reading Room (no food, smoking, smokeless tobacco products, or vaping). ​The group study room in the Lower Level of the Commons is Hutchins B60B. Tables cannot be moved.

View and make group study room reservations in the Group Study Room Online Reservations system.

Some things to know:

  • Rooms may only be reserved and used by law students
  • Group study rooms are for groups of two or more. They are not meant to be used as personal, individual study spaces.
  • Individuals can reserve a maximum of two hours (two 60-minute time slots) in any given day; the two 60-minute time slots MUST be consecutive
  • Reservations will be confirmed by email
  • Please be courteous and respect others' reservations
  • Reservations are necessary to assure room availability; those using an unreserved room must forfeit it to someone who reserves it for the same time period
  • Group Study Rooms located in the Reading Room can only be opened with your MCard; Reading Room desk staff are not able to open these rooms for you
  • You MUST leave the group study room when your reservation ends
  • Do NOT leave personal belongings in group study rooms