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Printers and Copiers Available for Journal Use

A variety of networked printers and copiers are available for Journal use. It is important to print all journal work on our printers so that editors are not charged for printing. The Lab does not allow journal work to be printed in there and there are no refunds for anyone who uses their personal printing allowance for Journal work. All journal printers are free for journal work.

Konica-Minolta Printer/Fax/Scanners

The Publications Center has leased 4 Konica-Minolta machines for Journal use. The machines are all coded to require each journal's special copier code. This code has been provided to each Journal; contact your EIC or ME if you do not have your code.

  • The Publications Center has a Konica 350 which is fax-capable
  • MJIL has a Konica 200 in their office. This machine can be printed to from laptops.
  • MLR has a Konica 350 in their conference room. This machine can be printed to from laptops. Due to the location it is primarily used by MLR and MTTLR
  • There is a Konica 200 outside the JLR EIC office which is centrally accessible. It is usually used by JLR, MJG&L, and MJR&L.
  • There is a Konica 200 outside the MJR&L offices. This machine is a copier only and cannot be printed to by laptop.

Konica-Minolta machines require the use of the copier code for networked printing as well as general copy making. 

Networked HP Printers

Each Journal except MJGL has at least 1 networked HP series 4000 or better printer located inside an office. (MJGL's office printer is not networked.) These printers can also be installed on student editor laptops.

Printer Toner

  • Konica Copier toner is stored in a cabinet underneath each unit. Journal members are responsible for notifying the Journal Publication Center staff when they take the last toner.
  • All HP Printer Toner (except for the 5200) is obtained from John Loyd in the IT department, in room 2100 South Hall. Return the used toner to him for recycling. Used toners can be left on outside his office.
  • HP 5200 (MLR Conference room printer) has a spare cartridge is stored under the printer table and when it is used a new spare can be obtained from the Publications Center. Return the old toner to John Loyd's office.

Printer Setup Notes

Download the Printer and L Drive Access instructions

All printer install files can also be found on the L drive in the PublicationsHelp/Printers folder.

Duplexing is enabled by default where available.

Printer Installation for Windows

Windows installation files are in zip format. Unzip the file and then run the installer.

Journal Konica near JLR Office

Konica inside MJIL Office

Konica in MLR Conference Room

MLR Conference Room HP 5200

JLR Articles Office HP 4050

MJIL Office HP 4300

MJR&L HP 4050


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