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If the book you want is not on the shelf...

The book may need to be re-shelved.

Check the shelving distribution room on Sub-2. The room is always open; we encourage you to check it to see if a missing book is there. If you find what you need, you may remove it from the room.

The book may need to be searched.

If the book is not on the shelves or in the shelving distribution room,  you may request that library staff search for the missing book. daily Monday through Friday; a request submitted by 11am that day.

To request a search, use the Request feature in the Catalog PDF Document opens in new window to have it searched.  To learn the results of the search, ask at the Circulation Desk after 5pm.

If the MLaw Catalog status column indicates the book is "missing," the book has once been searched and not found. It is worthwhile check the shelves to see if the book is now there. If not, ask at the Reference Desk to see if there is another way to obtain the material.

Distribution Room

Room S-219 is the shelving distribution room. Shelving is done from this room, which is always open; we encourage you to check if you don't find a book on the shelves. If you find what you need, you may remove it from S-219 to use it.

Shelving Books

Each day shelving staff pick up and re-shelve books on tables, in the copier rooms, or left uncharged in carrels as well as returned library books.  Most books are shelved within 24 hours of pick up. Notes asking shelvers to leave books lying unattended on tables are not honored.

If you need to have books held for you while you leave the library, take them to the Circulation Desk and ask that they be put on hold.

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