Library Hours: Jan 12 - May 4: 8am - Midnight


Study tables are available to all eligible users or you may occupy any vacant carrel. Since building use is limited to those who need to use the collection, a nearby, vacant carrel is almost always available. Electrical outlets are available along the light-well seating and in each carrel.

Group Study Rooms

There are two study rooms on Sub-3 that can be reserved for group use.

All reservations are made online:

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When a library user needs to check out library books to a carrel for long-term use, he or she may apply to the Library for a carrel assignment.

To apply for a carrel submit an application PDF Document opens in new window at the Circulation Desk on S-2. When you are ready to check out books to the carrel, staff at that desk will tell you what carrel has been assigned to you. Carrel assignments to individuals are for a one-month period, but you may request renewal as needed.

To check out a book, bring a book and you ID to the Circulation Desk on S-2. Books checked out to carrels are due in one month or at the end of the assignment period, whichever comes first.

Please return books as soon as you are finished with them to the Circulation Desk on S-2 or the drop box on S-1. Please be sure the blue flag is in the book.


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