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Staff List






Baker, Jill Collection Maintenance, Reference 615-6968  S-221
Brown, Kincaid Administration (Assistant Director), Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services (Head) 647-1529 S-110E  Biography
Buhl, Delia Acquisitions 647-1558 S-110
Calhoun, Elizabeth Serials, Collection Maintenance 647-1558 S-110
Carey, Thomas Reference, Collection Maintenance 615-6985 S-221
Clemence, Mary Administration (Head) 764-9323 S-180  Biography
DeGeorge, Deb Cataloging 647-1562 S-118  Biography
Dickerson, Connie Cataloging 647-1559 S-110
Garavaglia, Barbara Administration (Director) 764-9338 S-180A  Biography
Gould, Elyssa Acquisitions, Cataloging, Serials 764-0935 S-118  Biography
Hanes, Jessica Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services 647-8713 S-130  Biography
Huseman, Bethany Cataloging, Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services, Acquisitions 647-1561 S-110
Lawther, Diane Collection Maintenance (Head) 647-9456 S-217
Leggieri, Catherine Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services 763-6103 S-224
McArthur, Michael Reference & Faculty Services 763-5839 S-136 Biography
Neisler, Virginia Reference & Faculty Services 647-1746 S-171 Biography
Nilsen, Kathryn Reference & Faculty Services 763-7940 S-110
Quidachay-Swan, Seth Reference & Faculty Services 764-6150 S-136
Quirk, Jeannette Reference, Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services, Collection Maintenance 763-6164 S-190
Richard, Veronica Administration, Acquisitions 763-7191 S-180
Robinson, Royce Collection Maintenance, Serials 615-9695 S-272
Rolka, Lynn Acquisitions 764-1101 S-110
Runyon, Amanda Reference & Faculty Services (Head) 763-9452 S-136 Biography
Slaughter, Diana Cataloging, Acquisitions 647-1561 S-110
Tennant, Deborah Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services, Reference 764-4218 S-110
Treece, Gail Serials (Head) 764-0139 S-110B
Vibbert, Barbara Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services 763-6066 S-224
Wright, Richard Serials, Acquisitions 764-9330 S-110
Zeff, Sandra Scholarly Publishing & Electronic Services, Collection Maintenance 615-7016  S-110
Zhang, Alex Reference & Faculty Services 764-6151 S-134 Biography
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