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Facts About the Law Library

The Law Library Collection...

Size (volumes) as of July 1, 2014:
Paper: 711,761
Non-print: 318,192
Audio-visual: 75
Total Volumes: 1,030,028
Size (titles) as of July 1, 2014:
Paper: 275, 820
Microform: 24,399
Audio-visual: 25
Electronic format: 151,508
Total Titles: 451,752
Location of books (approximate):
305,000 paper volumes in Legal Research
407,000 paper volumes in Smith Addition
318,000 non-print volumes
Subscriptions: 3,740
Electronic databases: 991

The Allen and Alene Smith Addition...

Designed by:
Gunnar Birkerts & Associates
Birmingham, MI
Architects, 1981 Building and 1996 Jackier Rare Book Room
DiClemente Siegal Design Inc.
Southfield, MI
Architects, 2003 S-3 Completion
Built by:
J.A. Fredman, Inc.
Pontiac, MI
General Contractors
J.C. Beal, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
Contractor, Jackier Rare Book Room
DeMaria Building Co, Inc.
Novi, MI
Contractor, S-3 Completion
Opened: August, 1981
Size: 77,000 square gross feet
Capacities (volumes of books):
475,000 in finished space
25,000 in Jackier Rare Book Room
At lightwell balconies*: 36
At tables*: 178
In carrels*: 222
At computers and microform readers: 52
In lounge seats: 38
In group study rooms: 24
Total: 550
* Balcony, table & carrel seats have outlets for laptops.

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