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Publications of the University of Michigan Law School Faculty

1993 Publications

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  • Aleinikoff, T. Alexander (1981-1997), co-author. "Race and Redistricting: Drawing Constitutional Lines after Shaw v. Reno." S. Issacharoff, co-author. Mich. L. Rev. 92, no. 3 (1993): 588-651.

    ______. "Anti-Racism and Multiculturalism in a Law School Class." In Multicultural Teaching in the University, edited by D. Schoem et al. Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 1993.
  • Allen, Francis A. (1966-2007). "Joseph Richard Julin, 1926-1993." Fla. L. Rev. 45 (1993): viii–xii.
  • Allen, Layman E. (1966- ), co-author. "A-Hohfeld: A Language for Robust Structural Representation of Knowledge in the Legal Domain to Build Interpretation-Assistance Expert Systems." C. S. Saxon, co-author. In Deontic Logic in Computer Science: Normative System Specification, edited by J. Meyer and R. J. Wieringa. Chichester, N.Y.: J. Wiley, 1993.
  • Alvarez, Jose E. (1993-1999). "Burdens of Proof." Review of Fact-Finding Before International Tribunals, by R. B. Lillich, editor. Mich. J. Int'l L. 14 (1993): 399-427.
  • Bollinger, Lee C., Jr. (1973-1994, 1997-2002). "Why There Should Be an Independent Decennial Commission on the Press." U. Chi. Legal F. 1993 (1993): 1-24.

    ______. "The Open-Minded Soldier and the University." Mich. Q. Rev. 32 (1993): 1-19.

    ______. "The Mind in the Major American Law School." Mich. L. Rev. 91 (1993): 2167-76.

    ______. Review of Making Local News, by P. Kaniss. Annals Am. Acad. Pol. & Social Sci. 525 (1993): 182-3.
  • Chambers, David L. (1969- ). "AIDS and the Public Policies Bearing on Children and Families." In The Social Impact of AIDS in the United States, edited by A. Jonsen and J. Stryker. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1993.
  • Conard, Alfred F. (1954-2009). "Who Pays in the End for Injury Compensation? Reflections on Wealth Transfers from the Innocent." San Diego L. Rev. 30 (1993): 283-306.

    ______. "Global Enterprise and Atomistic Law." Review of The Multinational Challenge to Corporation Law, by P. I. Blumberg. J. Corp. L. 18, no. 4 (1993): 707-12.

    ______. "Elder Choice." Am. J.L. & Med. 19 (1993): 233-83.
  • Croley, Steven P. (1993- ), co-author. "Rescuing the Revolution: The Revived Case for Enterprise Liability." J. D. Hanson, co-author. Mich. L. Rev. 91 (1993): 683-797.
  • Cunningham, Roger A. (1959-1994), co-author. The Law of Property. 2nd ed. W. B. Stoebuck and D. A. Whitman, co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1993.
  • Eisenberg, Rebecca S. (1984- ). "The Scholar as Advocate." J. Legal Educ. 43 (1993): 391-400.

    ______. "Limiting the Role of Patents in Technology Transfer." J. NIH Res. 5 (1993): 20-2.

    ______. "Limiting the Role of Patents in Technology Transfer." Chemtech 23 (1993): 52-3.
  • Ellsworth, Phoebe C. (1987- ) "Some Steps between Attitudes and Verdicts." In Inside the Juror: The Psychology of Juror Decision Making, edited by R. Hastie, 42-64. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

    ______, co-author. "Response Biases in Lineups and Showups." M. Pembroke and R. Gonzalez, co-authors. J. Personality & Soc. Psychol. 64, no. 4 (1993): 525-37.

    ______, co-author. "Beyond Simple Pessimism: Effects of Sadness and Anger on Social Perception." D. Keltner and K. Edwards, co-authors. J. Personality & Soc. Psychol. 64, no. 5 (1993): 740-52.
  • Frier, Bruce W. (1986- ). Review of Trials in the Late Roman Republic, by M. C. Alexander. Phoenix 47 (1993): 79-81.

    ______. "Subsistence Annuities and Per Capita Income in the Early Roman Empire." Classical Philology 88 (1993): 222-30.

    ______. Review of Roman Marriage, by S. Treggiari. Classical Philology 88, no. 1 (1993): 94-8.

    ______. "Law, Economics, and Disasters Down on the Farm: Remissio Mercedis Revisited." Bullettino dell'Istituto di diritto romano 31/32 (1993): 237-70.

    ______. Review of Bau- und nachbarrechtliche Bestimmungen im klassischen römischen Rechti, by J. M. Rainer. Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 61 (1993): 124-5.
  • Gross, Samuel R. (1987- ). "The Romance of Revenge: Capital Punishment in America." Stud. L. Pol. & Soc'y 13 (1993): 71-104.
  • Herzog, Donald J. (1991- ). Review of Willful Liberalism: Volunteerism and Individuality in Political Theory and Practice, by R. E. Flathman. Am. Pol. Sci. Rev. 87, no. 2 (1993): 474-5.

    ______. "Interest, Principle, and Beyond: American Understandings of Conflict." In Behavior, Culture and Conflict in World Politics, edited by W. Zimmerman and H. K. Jacobson, 231-46. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993.

    ______, co-author. "Democratic Discussion." D. R. Kinder, co-author. In Reconsidering the Democratic Public, edited by G. E. Marcus and R. L. Hanson, 347-77. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1993.
  • Israel, Jerold H. (1961- ), co-author. "Wayne R. LaFave: Search and Seizure Commentator at Work and Play." Y. Kamisar, co-author. U. Ill. L. Rev. (1993): 187-95.

    ______, co-author. Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell: Constitutional Limitations. 5th ed. W. R. LaFave, co-author. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1993.

    ______, co-author. Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text. 1993 ed. Y. Kamisar and W. R. LaFave, co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1993.

    ______. "Cornerstones of the Judicial Process." Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 2 (1993): 5-30.
  • Jackson, John H. (1966- ). "Regional Trade Blocs and the GATT." World Econ. 16 (1993): 121-31.

    ______. "Reflections on the Implications of NAFTA for the World Trading System." Colum. J. Transnat'l L. 30 (1993): 501-11.

    ______. "Economic Governance in an Interdependent World: Lessons of Maastricht, GATT, & NAFTA." In Tenth International Trade Law Seminar Proceedings (15 October 1992). Ottawa, Canada: Ottawa Department of Justice, 1993. (unverified citation)

    ______. "'Managing Economic Interdependence'—An Overview." Law & Pol'y Int'l Bus. 24 (1993): 1025-33.
  • Kamisar, Yale (1965- ). "Why the Bad Guys Keep Winning: A Panoramic History of the American Criminal Justice System Suggests that the War against Crime Is Futile." Review of Crime and Punishment in American History, by L. Friedman. N.Y. Times Book Rev., September 26, 1993: 11-2.

    ______, co-author. "Wayne R. LaFave: Search and Seizure Commentator at Work and Play." J. H. Israel, co-author. U. Ill. L. Rev. (1993): 187- 95.

    ______. "Should Active Euthanasia Be Legalized? No: Preserve Traditional Restraints." ABA J. 79, no. 4 (1993): 43.

    ______, co-author. Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text. 1993 ed. W. R. LaFave and J. H. Israel, co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1993.

    ______. "Are Laws against Assisted Suicide Unconstitutional?" Hastings Center Rep. 23, no. 3 (1993): 32-41.

    ______. "Active v. Passive Euthanasia: Why Keep the Distinction?" Trial 29, no. 3 (1993): 32-4, 36-8.
  • Katz, Avery W. (1986-1994). "Transaction Costs and the Legal Mechanics of Exchange: When Should Silence in the Face of an Offer Be Construed as Acceptance?" J.L. Econ. & Org. 9 (1993): 77-97.
  • Kauper, Thomas E. (1964- ). "The Use of Consent Decrees in U.S. Antitrust Cases." In Procedure and Enforcement in E.C. and U.S. Competition Law, edited by P. J. Slot and A. McDonnell, 104-13. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1993.

    ______. "The Sherman Act After a Century." Law Quad. Notes 36, no. 3 (1993): 25-8.

    ______. "Politics and the Justice Department: A View from the Trenches." J.L. & Pol. 9 (1993): 257-73.

    ______. "Consent Decrees in U.S. Antitrust Law." In Procedure and Enforcement in E.C. and U.S. Competition Law, edited by P. J. Slot and A. McDonnell. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1993.

    ______, co-author. Cases and Materials on Property: An Introduction to the Concept and the Institution. 3rd ed. C. Donahue and P. W. Martin, co- author. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1993.

    ______. "Anti-Trust in 1992: The Year of the Storyteller." Antitrust L.J. 61 (1993): 347-64.
  • Kennedy, Frank R. (1961-2008), co-author. "Postconfirmation Issues: The Effects of Confirmation and Postconfirmation Proceedings." G. K. Smith, co-author. S.C. L. Rev. 44, no. 4 (1993): 621- 744.
  • Kramer, Larry D. (1991-1994), co-author. Conflict of Laws: Cases, Comments, Questions. 5th ed. R. C. Cramton et al., co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1993.
  • Krier, James E. (1983- ), co-author. Property. 3rd ed. J. Dukeminier, co-author. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1993.
  • Leary, Margaret A. (1984- ). "The Case of the Disappearing Briefs: A Study in Preservation Strategy." Law Libr. J. 85 (1993): 357-83.

    ______. "Response to Wayne P. Kelley." Law Libr. J. 85 (1993): 417-8.

    ______. "Law Libraries—Measurement and Evaluation." In The World Encyclopedia of Library and Information Services. 3rd ed.: 445-7. Chicago: American Library Assoc., 1993.

    ______. "Annual Report of the Committee on Libraries, Legal Research and Publications, 1992-1993." Mich. B.J. 72 (1993): 794-5.
  • Lehman, Jeffrey S. (1987-2003). "The Distributional Effects of Program Design: Does Changing How One Can Buy a Prepaid Tuition Contract Change Who Participates? Does It Matter?" In Prepaid College Tuition Plans: Promise and Problems, edited by M. A. Olivas. New York: College Entrance Examination Board, 1993.

    ______. Review of Rethinking Social Policy: Race, Poverty, and the Underclass, by C. Jencks. Am. J. Sociology 99 (1993): 778-80.

    ______. "Foreword: The Many Contexts of Welfare Reform." U. Mich. J.L. Reform 26 (1993): 731-9.
  • Lempert, Richard O. (1968- ). "Why Do Jury Research?" In Inside the Juror, edited by R. Hastie, 242-54. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

    ______. "The Suspect Population and DNA Identification." Jurimetrics 34 (1993): 1-7.

    ______. "Some Caveats Concerning DNA as Criminal Identification Evidence: With Thanks to the Reverend Bayes." In Criminal Law Review—1993, edited by J. G. Carr, 463-501. New York: Clark Boardman, 1993.

    ______. "Experts, Stories, and Information." Nw. U. L. Rev. 87 (1993): 1169-81.

    ______. "DNA, Science and the Law: Two Cheers for the Ceiling Principle." Jurimetrics 34 (1993): 41-57.

    ______. "Desert and Deterrence: An Assessment of the Moral Bases of the Case of Capital Punishment." In A Capital Punishment Anthology, edited by V. L. Strieb, 70-5. Cincinnati, Ohio: Anderson, 1993.

    ______. "Civil Juries and Complex Cases: Taking Stock after Twelve Years." In Verdict, edited by R. E. Litan, 181-247. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1993.
  • MacKinnon, Catharine A. (1990- ). "Turning Rape into Pornography: Postmodern Genocide." Ms. 4, no. 1 (1993): 24-30.

    ______. "Toward Feminist Jurisprudence." In Feminist Jurisprudence, edited by P. Smith, 610-9. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993.

    ______. "Theory Is Not a Luxury." In Reconceiving Reality: Women and International Law, edited by D. G. Dallmeyer, 83-92. Studies in Transnational Legal Policy, 25. Washington, D.C.: American Society of International Law, 1993.

    ______. "Sexual Harassment: Its First Decade in Court." In Feminist Jurisprudence, edited by P. Smith, 145-57. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993.

    ______. "Reflections on Law in the Everyday Life of Women." In Law in Everyday Life, edited by A. Sarat and T. R. Kearns, 109-22. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993.

    ______. "Protected Speech and Harassment Codes on Campus." Law Quad. Notes 36, no. 1 (1993): 24-7.

    ______. "Prostitution and Civil Rights." Mich. J. Gender & L. 1 (1993): 13-31.

    ______. Only Words. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1993.

    ______. "On Torture: A Feminist Perspective on Human Rights." In Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century: A Global Challenge, edited by K. E. Mahoney and P. Mahoney, 21-31. Norwell, Mass.: Kluwer, 1993.

    ______. "Für eine 'Neue Gleichheit'." In Test the West: Geschlechterdemokratie und Gewalt, edited by H. Bendkowski et al., 77-87. Vienna: Austrian Federal Ministry of Women's Affairs and the Federal Chancellery, 1993.

    ______. "Crimes of War, Crimes of Peace." In On Human Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1993, edited by S. Shute and S. Hurley, 83-109. New York: Basic Books, 1993.

    ______. Preface to Back Off!: How to Confront and Stop Sexual Harassment and Harassers, by M. J. Langelan, editor, 13-7. New York: Simon & Schuster, (1993).
  • Miller, William I. (1985- ). Humiliation: And Other Essays on Honor, Social Discomfort and Violence. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1993.

    ______. "Hoensa-Þóris Saga." In Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopedia, edited by P. Pulsiano and K. Wolf: 309-10. New York: Garland, 1993.
  • Pildes, Richard H. (1988-2000). "Gimme Five: Non-Gerrymandering Racial Justice." New Republic 208 (1993): 16-7.

    ______. "Gimme Five!" Nat'l Civic Rev. 82 (1993): 179-82.

    ______, co-author. "Expressive Harms, 'Bizarre Districts,' and Voting Rights: Evaluating Election-District Appearances After Shaw v. Reno." R. G. Niemi, co-author. Mich. L. Rev. 92 (1993): 483-587.
  • Reimann, Mathias W. (1985- ), editor. The Reception of Continental Ideas in the Common Law World, 1820-1920. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1993.

    ______. "Patterns of Reception." Introduction to The Reception of Continental Ideas in the Common Law World, 1820-1920, by M. W. Reimann, editor. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, (1993).

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    ______. "Albert A. Ehrenzweig and the American Conflict of Laws—A Major Player with a Minor Influence." In Der Einfluß deutscher Emigranten auf die Rechtsentwicklung in den USA und in Deutschland, edited by M. Lutter et al., 397-421. Tubingen, Germany: J.C.B. Mohr, 1993.

    ______. "A Career in Itself—The German Professoriate as a Model for American Legal Academia." In The Reception of Continental Ideas in the Common Law World, 1820-1920, edited by M. W. Reimann. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1993.
  • Reingold, Paul D. (1983- ). "Harry Edward's Nostalgia." Mich. L. Rev. 91 (1993): 1998-2009.
  • Sandalow, Terrance (1966- ). "Social Justice and Fundamental Law: A Comment on Sager's Constitution." Nw. U. L. Rev. 88 (1993): 461-8.
  • Santacroce, David A. (2001- ), contributor. "Section 1: Nuts and Bolts." In Litigating the WARN Act: A Practitioner's Guide, by National Lawyers Guild. Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice. Detroit, Mich.: Guild Law Center, 1993-2003. (Professor Santacroce compiled, edited and indexed material for this section from 1997- 2003.)
  • Scarnecchia, Suellyn (1987-2002). "State Responses to Task Force Reports on Race and Ethnic Bias in the Courts." Hamline L. Rev. 16 (1993): 923-51.

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    ______. "Accounting and the New Corporate Law." Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 50 (1993): 943-58.

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    ______. "Does the UN Charter Provide an Adequate Legal Basis for Individual or Collective Responses to Violations of Obligations erga omnes?" In The Future of International Law Enforcement: New Scenarios - New Law?: Proceedings of an International Symposium of the Kiel Institute of International Law, March 25 to 27, 1992, edited by J. Delbrück, 125-46. Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Internationales Recht an der Universität Kiel, 115. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1993.

    ______, general co-editor. Agenda 21 and the UNCED Proceedings, edited by N. A. Robinson et al. International Protection of the Environment, Third Series, B. Rüster, general co-editor. New York: Oceana Publications, 1992-1993.
  • Simpson, A. W. B. (1987-2011). Review of Lawyers and the Making of English Land Law: 1832-1940, by J. S. Anderson. Mod. L. Rev. 56 (1993): 608-11.

    ______. "Law, Crime, and the Victorians." Review of The Unwritten Law: Criminal Justice in Victorian Kent, by C. A. Conley, Women, Crime, and Custody in Victorian England, by L. Zedner, Reconstructing the Criminal: Culture, Law, and Policy in England, 1830-1914, by M. J. Wiener, Penal Discipline, Reformatory Projects and the English Prison Commission, 1895-1939, by W. J. Forsythe, and The Common Law and English Jurisprudence, 1760-1850, by M. Lobban. J. Brit. Stud. 32, no. 1 (1993): 83-8.

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    ______. "Employment-at-Will—Is the Model Act the Answer?" Stetson L. Rev. 23 (1993): 179-97.

    ______. "Defining 'Disability': The Approach to Follow." Ed Welch on Workers' Compensation 3 (1993): 59-60.
  • Stein, Eric (1955-2011). "Post-Communist Constitution-Making: Confessions of a Comparatist." New Eur. L. Rev. 1 (1993): 421-75.
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    ______, co-author. Macroeconomics. 10th ed. R. G. Lipsey, P. N. Courant, and D. D. Purvis, co-authors. New York: Harper Collins College Publishers, 1993. (Portions of this work were first published in the United Kingdom as An Introduction to Positive Economics, © 1963 by R. G. Lipsey.)
  • Syverud, Kent D. (1987-1997). "Taking Students Seriously: A Guide for New Law Teachers." J. Legal Educ. 43 (1993): 247-59.

    ______. "Legal Constraints to the Development and Deployment of IVHS Technology in the United States: A Report to the Federal Highway Administration." Proceedings of the Third Annual IVHS America Conference (1993). (unverified citation)

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