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Publications of the University of Michigan Law School Faculty

1991 Publications

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  • Aleinikoff, T. Alexander (1981-1997). "The Meaning of Persecution in United States Asylum Law." Int'l J. Refugee L. 3 (1991): 5-29.

    ______, co-editor. Modern Constitutional Theory: A Reader. 2nd ed. J. H. Garvey, co-editor. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______, co-author. Immigration: Process and Policy. 2nd ed. D. A. Martin, co-author. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______, co-editor. Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States: Selected Statutes, Regulations, and Forms as Amended to February 1, 1991. D. A. Martin, co-editor. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______. "A Case for Race-Consciousness." Colum. L. Rev. 91 (1991): 1060-125.
  • Allen, Francis A. (1966-2007). "On Coming of Age: Twenty-Five Years of the 'University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform'." U. Mich. J.L. Reform 25, no. 1 (1991): 1-6.

    ______. "A Crisis of Legality in the Criminal Law? Reflections on the Rule of Law." Mercer L. Rev. 42, no. 2 (1991): 811-45.
  • Allen, Layman E. (1966- ), co-author. "More IA Needed in AI: Interpretation Assistance for Coping with the Problem of Multiple Structural Interpretations." C. S. Saxon, co-author. In Third International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law: Proceedings of the Conference, June 25–28, 1991. New York: ACM Press, 1991.

    ______, co-author. "Automatic Generation of a Legal Expert System." C. S. Saxon, co-author. In Law, Decision-Making, and Microcomputers: Cross- National Perspectives, edited by S. S. Nagel, 243-69. Chicago: Greenwood, 1991.
  • Bollinger, Lee C., Jr. (1973-1994, 1997-2002). "The Meaning of Dissent." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 1382-9.

    ______. "The End of New York Times v. Sullivan: Reflections on Masson v. New Yorker Magazine." Sup. Ct. Rev. 1991 (1991): 1-46.
    ______. "Shiffrin: The First Amendment, Democracy, and Romance." Review of The First Amendment, Democracy, and Romance, by S. Shiffrin. Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 1382-9.

    ______. Images of a Free Press. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991.
  • Bradley, Michael H. (1988-1994), co-author. "The Untenable Case for Chapter 11." M. Rosenzweig, co-author. Yale L.J. 101 (1991): 1043-95.
  • Chambers, David L. (1969- ). Debts, Job Choices, and Financial Burden: Educational Debts at Nine American Law Schools. Washington, D.C.: Assoc. of American Law Schools, 1991.

    ______. "Commentary: Meeting the Financial Needs of Children." Brook. L. Rev. 57 (1991): 769-80.
  • Conard, Alfred F. (1954-2009). "The European Alternative to Uniformity in Corporation Laws." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2150-200.

    ______. "Corporate Constituencies in Western Europe." Stetson L. Rev. 21 (1991): 73-95.
  • Eisenberg, Rebecca S. (1984- ). "Patents and the Progress of Science: Exclusive Rights and Experimental Use." Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 23 (1991): 67-136. (Originally published under the same title in U. Chi. L. Rev. 56 (1989): 1017-86.)
  • Ellsworth, Phoebe C. (1987- ). "To Tell What We Know Or Wait For Godot?" Law & Hum. Behav. 15, no. 1 (1991): 77-90.

    ______. "Some Implications of Cognitive Appraisal Theories of Emotion." In International Review of Studies on Emotion, edited by K. T. Strongman, vol. 1, 143-61. New York: Wiley, 1991.
  • Fox, Merritt B. (1988-2003). "Corporate Successors under Strict Liability: A General Economic Theory and the Case of CERCLA." Wake Forest L. Rev. 26 (1991): 183-219.
  • Friedman, Richard D. (1988- ). The Elements of Evidence. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______. "Putting the Dormancy Doctrine Out of Its Misery." Cardozo L. Rev. 12 (1991): 1745-61.

    ______. "Improving the Procedure for Resolving Hearsay Issues." Cardozo L. Rev. 13 (1991): 883-927.

    ______. "Character Impeachment Evidence: Psycho-Bayesian (!?) Analysis and a Proposed Overhaul." UCLA L. Rev. 38 (1991): 637-97.

    ______. Review of Cardozo: A Study in Reputation, by R. Posner. Cardozo L. Rev. 12 (1991): 1923-39.
  • Frier, Bruce W. (1986- ). Review of The Human Measure: Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition, by D. R. Kelley. Am. Hist. Rev. 96 (1991): 1503-4.

    ______. Review of The Economy and Society of Pompeii, by W. Jongman. J. Roman Archaeology 4 (1991): 243-8.

    ______. Review of Patricians and Plebians: The Origin of the Roman State, by R. E. Mitchell. Choice 28 (1991): 1547.

    ______. "Interpreting Codes." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2201-14. (Symposium: One Hundred Years of Uniform State Laws.)

    ______. Review of Caligula: Emperor of Rome, by A. Ferrill. Choice 29 (1991): 502.
  • Gray, Whitmore (1960-2018). "Drafting the Dispute Resolution Clause." In Commercial Arbitration for the 1990s, edited by R. J. Medalie. Chicago: American Bar Assoc., 1991.

    ______. "Drafting the Arbitration Clause." In Commercial Arbitration for the 1990s, edited by R. J. Medalie. Chicago: American Bar Assoc., 1991.
  • Green, Thomas A. (1972- ). Review of The Province of Legislation Determined: Legal Theory in Eighteenth-Century Britain, by D. Lieberman. Albion 23, no. 2 (1991): 315-7.
  • Gross, Samuel R. (1987- ), co-author. "Getting to No: A Study of Settlement Negotiations and the Selection of Cases for Trial." K. D. Syverud, co-author. Mich. L. Rev. 90 (1991): 319-93.

    ______. "Expert Evidence." Wis. L. Rev. 1991 (1991): 1113-232.
  • Herzog, Donald J. (1991- ). Review of Transforming Political Discourse, by T. Ball. Pol. Theory 19, no. 1 (1991): 141-3.

    ______. "That Old-Time Religion: Rejoinder to Narveson." Critical Rev. 5 (1991): 583-4.

    ______. "Puzzling through Burke." Pol. Theory 19, no. 3 (1991): 336-63.
  • Israel, Jerold H. (1961- ), co-author. Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text. 1991 ed. Y. Kamisar and W. R. LaFave, co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.
  • Jackson, John H. (1966- ). "Reflections on Restructuring the GATT." In A New GATT for the Nineties and Europe '92, edited by T. Oppermann and J. Molsberger, 141-57. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1991.

    ______. "'EC '92 and Beyond': Comments from a U.S. Perspective." Aussenwirtschaft 46 (1991): 341-8.
  • Kahn, Douglas A. (1964- ). "Kahn Defends Stance on Accelerated Depreciation." Tax Notes 53 (1991): 1079-81.
  • Kamisar, Yale (1965- ). "Who Should Live-or Die? Who Should Decide?" Trial 27, no. 12 (1991): 20-2, 24-6.

    ______. "When Is There a Constitutional 'Right to Die'? When Is There No Constitutional 'Right to Live'?" Ga. L. Rev. 25 (1991): 1203-42.

    ______. "The Fourth Amendment: The Right of the People to Be Secure in Their Persons, Homes, Papers, and Effects." In A Time for Choices, edited by C. A. Haskel and J. H. Otto. Denver: University of Colorado, 1991.

    ______. "The Fourth Amendment and Its Exclusionary Rule." Champion (1991): 20-5.

    ______, co-author. The American Constitution: Cases, Comments, Questions. 7th ed. W. B. Lockhart et al., co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______. "Final Frontier: Life, Death and Law." In Modern Constitutional Theory: A Reader. 2nd ed., edited by J. H. Garvey and T. A. Aleinikoff, 555-8. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______, co-author. Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text. 1991 ed. W. R. LaFave and J. H. Israel, co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______, co-author. Constitutional Rights and Liberties: Cases, Comments, Questions. 7th ed. W. B. Lockhart et al., co-authors. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______, co-author. Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments, Questions. 7th ed. W. B. Lockhart, J. H. Choper, and S. H. Shiffrin, co-authors. American Casebook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West Publishing Co., 1991. (Also co-authored the 1995 supplement to this edition.)
  • Kauper, Thomas E. (1964- ). "Vertical Restraints: Flynn, Ponsoldt and the Sea of Doubt." In Revitalizing Antitrust in Its Second Century, edited by E. M. Fox et al. New York: Quorum Books, 1991.

    ______, co-author. "Misuse of the Antitrust Laws: The Competitor Plaintiff." E. A. Snyder, co-author. Mich. L. Rev. 90 (1991): 551-603.

    ______. "Article 86, Excessive Prices, and Refusal to Deal." Antitrust L.J. 59 (1991): 441-56.
  • Kramer, Larry D. (1991-1994). "Vestiges of Beale: Extraterritorial Applications of American Law." Sup. Ct. Rev. 1991 (1991): 179-224.

    ______. "Return of the Renvoi." N.Y.U. L. Rev. 66 (1991): 979-1044.

    ______. "Rethinking Choice of Law." Def. L.J. 40 (1991): 1-78.

    ______. "On the Need for a Uniform Choice of Law Code." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2134-49.

    ______. "More Notes on Methods and Objectives in the Conflict of Laws." Cornell Int'l L.J. 24 (1991): 245-78.

    ______. "Judicial Asceticism (The Jurisprudence of Justice Antonin Scalia)." Cardozo L. Rev. 12 (1991): 1789-98.

    ______. "Choice of Law in the American Courts in 1990: Trends and Developments." Am. J. Comp. L. 39 (1991): 465-91.

    ______. "'The One-Eyed Are Kings': Improving Congress's Ability to Regulate the Use of Judicial Resources." Law & Contemp. Probs. 54 (1991): 73- 97.
  • Lehman, Jeffrey S. (1987-2003). "To Conceptualize, To Criticize, To Defend, To Improve." Review of America's Misunderstood Welfare State, by T. R. Marmor et al. Yale L.J. 101 (1991): 685-727.
  • Lempert, Richard O. (1968- ). "Telling Tales in Court: Trial Procedure and the Story Model." Cardozo L. Rev. 13 (1991): 559-73.

    ______. "Some Caveats Concerning DNA as Criminal Identification Evidence: With Thanks to the Reverend Bayes." Cardozo L. Rev. 13 (1991): 303- 41.

    ______. "Dependency in the Welfare State: Beyond the Due Process Vision." Review of Law and the Search for Community, by J. Handler. Contemp. Sociology 20 (1991): 84-6.

    ______, co-author. "Hindsight and Causality." D. Wasserman and R. Hastie, co-authors. Personality & Soc. Psychol. Bull. 17 (1991): 30-5.

    ______. "A Jury For Japan?" Amerika ho (1991): 1-37.
  • MacKinnon, Catharine A. (1990- ), co-author. The Case for Women's Equality: The Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. M. Eberts et al., co-authors. Toronto: The Federation, 1991.

    ______. "Reflections on Sex Equality Under Law." Yale L.J. 100 (1991): 1281-328.

    ______. "Pornography as Defamation and Discrimination." B.U. L. Rev. 71 (1991): 793-815.

    ______. "From Practice to Theory, or What Is a White Woman Anyway?" Yale J.L. & Feminism 4 (1991): 13-22.

    ______. "Does Sexuality Have a History?" Mich. Q. Rev. 30 (1991): 1-11.

  • Miller, William I. (1985- ). "Of Outlaws, Christians, Horsemeat, and Writing: Uniform Laws and Saga Iceland." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2081-95.
  • Payton, Sallyanne (1976- ). "Discussant on Civil Rights Policy." In Richard Nixon: Politician, President, Administrator, edited by L. Friedman and W. F. Levantrosser, 176-85. New York: Greenwood Press, 1991. (Prepared under the auspices of Hofstra University.)
  • Pildes, Richard H. (1988-2000). "The Unintended Cultural Consequences of Public Policy: A Comment on the Symposium." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 936-78.
  • Reimann, Mathias W. (1985- ). Review of The Political Story of the German Civil Code: A Review of Politics and the Law in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany, by M. John. Am. J. Comp. L. 39 (1991): 196-206.

    ______. "Roman Law as a Political Agenda." Review of The Legacy of Roman Law in the German Romantic Era, by J. Q. Whitman. Mich. L. Rev. 89, no. 6 (1991): 1679-93.

    ______. Review of Franz Schlegelberger (Der Unrechtsstaat III), by E. Nathans. Am. J. Comp. L. 39 (1991): 459-62.
  • Sandalow, Terrance (1966- ). "The Moral Responsibilities of Universities." In Moral Values and Higher Education, edited by D. L. Thompson. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University, 1991.

    ______. "Comment on Preliminary Report on Freedom of Expression and Campus Harassment Codes." Academe 77, no. 6 (1991): 38-41.
  • Santacroce, David A. (2001- ). "The WARN Act." In Employee Rights Litigation: Pleading and Practice, by National Employment Lawyer's Association; edited by J. Goodman. New York: M. Bender, 1991-. (Santacroce authored the WARN Act chapter in this looseleaf work in 1998 and he continues to update it.)
  • Scarnecchia, Suellyn (1987-2002), co- author. "WLAM Assists Attorneys Dealing with Parental Consent." J. K. Field, co-author. Focus (Women Law. Assoc. Mich.) (1991): 1-4.
  • Schneider, Carl E. (1981- ). "The Channelling Function in Family Law." Hofstra L. Rev. 20 (1991): 495-532.

    ______. "Rethinking Alimony: Marital Decisions and Moral Discourse." B.Y.U. L. Rev. (1991): 197-257.

    ______. Review of Governing the Hearth: Law and the Family in Nineteenth Century America, by M. Grossberg. Law & Hist. Rev. 9 (1991): 157- 9.

    ______. "Discretion, Rules, and Law: Child Custody and the UMDA's Best-Interest Standard." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2215-98.

    ______. "Constitution, Courts, and Compromise: A Comparative Comment." DAJV-Newsl. 4 (1991): 51-3.
  • Seligman, Joel (1987-1995). "The Historical Need for a Mandatory Corporate Disclosure System." In Selected Articles on Federal Securities Law, Section of Business Law American Bar Association, edited by F. E. Gill. Chicago: American Bar Assoc., 1991.
  • Simma, Bruno (1988-1993, 2001- ), co-author. Europarecht in Fällen. W. Hummer et al., co-authors. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1991.

    ______, co-author. "Der Spion, der in die Kälte kam: Zur BGH-Entscheidung über die Strafbarkeit der DDR-Spionage." K. Volk, co-author. Neue juristische Wochenschrift 44, no. 14 (1991): 871-5.

    ______. "Das Völkergewohnheitsrecht." In Österreichisches Handbuch des Völkerrechts. 2 ed., edited by H. Neuhold, W. Hummer, and C. Schreuer. (Wien: Manz, 1991), 1: 43-54.

    ______, co-editor. Charta der Vereinten Nationen: Kommentar. H. Mosler et al., co-editors. Munich: C. H. Beck, 1991.
  • Simpson, A. W. B. (1987-2011). "The Origins of Futures Trading in the Liverpool Cotton Market." In Essays for Patrick Atiyah, edited by P. Cane and J. Stapleton, 179-208. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.

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    ______. "Historical Introduction." In Cheshire, Fifoot, and Furmston's Law of Contract. 12th ed., edited by M. P. Furmston, 1-16. London: Butterworths, 1991. (Originally published under the same title in Cheshire and Fifoot's Law of Contract. 9th ed., edited by M. P. Furmston, 1-16. London: Butterworths, 1976.)
  • St. Antoine, Theodore J. (1965- ). "William J. Pierce." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2077-8.

    ______. "Whither Arbitration?—Comments." In Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Arbitrators, by the National Academy of Arbitrators; 55-64. Washington, D.C.: BNA Books, 1991.

    ______. "The Government and Union Democracy." Introduction to U. Mich. J.L. Reform. 24 ( (1991): 469–77.

    ______, co-author. "Model Uniform Employment Termination Act." S. M. Fisher et al., co-authors. Labor Relations Reporter 9A, sec. 540 (1991): 21- 46.

    ______, co-author. Employment Law: Contract, Tort and Statutory Exceptions to At-Will Employment. B. J. D'Aquila and R. A. Williams, co-authors. Minneapolis: National Practice Institute, 1991.
  • Stein, Eric (1955-2011). "Zahranicní veci v moderní ústave." Právník (1991): 33-42.

    ______. Un nuovo diritto per l'Europa: Uno sguardo d'oltre oceano. Translated by I. Mattei. Milan: Giuffrè, 1991.

    ______. "External Relations of the European Community: Structure and Process." In Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff, 1991.
  • Syverud, Kent D. (1987-1997). "Toward a Workable Duty to Settle for Liability Insurers: A Reply." Va. L. Rev. 77 (1991): 1597-603.

    ______. "The Duty to Settle." Def. L.J. 40 (1991): 155-249. (Originally published under the same title in Va. L. Rev. 76 (1990): 1113- 209.)

    ______. "The Duty to Settle." Ins. L. Anthology 5 (1991): 777-875. (Originally published under the same title in Va. L. Rev. 76 (1990): 1113-209.)

    ______. "Insurance Law Out of the Shadows." Review of Insurance Law and Regulation: Cases and Materials, by K. S. Abraham. Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 1429-35.

    ______, co-author. "Getting to No: A Study of Settlement Negotiations and the Selection of Cases for Trial." S. R. Gross, co-author. Mich. L. Rev. 90, no. 2 (1991): 319-93.
  • Vining, Joseph (1969- ), co-author. "L'accesso del cittadino al controllo giudiziario in un contesto transnazionale e federale." In Un nuovo diritto per l'Europa: Uno sguardo d'oltre oceano, by E. Stein, translated by I. Mattei, 221-44. E. Stein, co-author. Milan: Giuffrè, (1991).

    ______. "Generalization in Interpretive Theory." In Law and the Order of Culture, edited by R. Post. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991.

    ______. "Authority and Responsibility: The Jurisprudence of Deference." Admin. L. Rev. 43 (1991): 135-46.
  • Waggoner, Lawrence W. (1974- ). "William J. Pierce." Mich. L. Rev. 89 (1991): 2079-80.

    ______. "The Multiple-Marriage Society and Spousal Rights under the Revised Uniform Probate Code." Iowa L. Rev. 76 (1991): 223-72.

    ______, co-author. Selected Statutes on Trusts and Estates. 1991 ed. J. H. Langbein, co-author. Westbury, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1991.

    ______, co-author. Family Property Law: Cases and Materials on Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests. R. V. Wellman et al., co-authors. Westbury, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1991.
  • Weiler, Joseph H. H. (1985-1992). "The Transformation of Europe." Yale L.J. 100 (1991): 2403-83.

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    ______, co-editor. European Union: The Human Rights Challenge. A. Cassese and A. Clapham, co-editors. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1991.
  • White, James Boyd (1983- ). "Our Meanings Can Never Be the Same: Reflections on Language and Law." Rhetoric Soc'y Am. Q. 21 (1991): 68.

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  • White, James J. (1964- ). "Ex Proprio Vigore." Mich. L. Rev. 89, no. 8 (1991): 2096-133.

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    ______, co-editor. Banking Law: Selected Statutes and Regulations. E. L. Symons, co-editor. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1991.

    ______. "Absolute Priority and New Value." Cooley L. Rev. 8 (1991): 1-31.
  • Whitman, Christina B. (1976- ). "Review Essay - Feminist Jurisprudence." Feminist Stud. 17 (1991): 493-507.

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