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Publications of the University of Michigan Law School Faculty

1988 Publications

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  • Aleinikoff, T. Alexander (1981-1997). "Updating Statutory Interpretation." Mich. L. Rev. 87 (1988): 20-66.
  • Allen, Francis A. (1966-2007). "What Provisions Should Govern Deans' Tenure?" Syllabus 19, no. 4 (1988): 1, 5.
  • Allen, Layman E. (1966- ), co-author. "Exploring Computer Aided Generation of Questions for Normalizing Legal Rules." C. S. Saxon, co-author. In Computer Power and Legal Language, edited by C. Walter, 243-316. New York: Quorum Books, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Automatic Generation of a Legal Expert System from a Normalized Interpretation of Legal Rules." R. Stipanovic, co-author. Zbornik Pravnog Fakulteta u Zagrebu 38 (1988): 807-42.
  • Bradley, Michael H. (1988-1994), co-author. "Synergistic Gains from Corporate Acquisitions and Their Division between the Stockholders of Target and Acquiring Firms." A. Desai and E. H. Kim, co-authors. J. Fin. Econ. 21 (1988): 3-40.
  • Chambers, David L. (1969- ). "The Federal Government and a Program of 'Advance Maintenance' in the United States." In Child Support: From Debt Collection to Social Policy, edited by A. J. Kahn and S. Kamerman, 343-9. Newbury Park, Calif.: Sage, 1988.
  • Conard, Alfred F. (1954-2009). "Beyond Managerialism: Investor Capitalism?" U. Mich. J.L. Reform 22 (1988): 117-78.
  • Cooper, Edward H. (1972- ). "Civil Rule 52(a): Rationing and Rationalizing the Resources of Appellate Review." Notre Dame L. Rev. 63 (1988): 645-70.
  • Cunningham, Clark D. (1987-1989). "Professional Responsibility." Wayne L. Rev. 34 (1988): 1005-31.

    ______. "A Linguistic Analysis of the Meaning of 'Search' in the Fourth Amendment: A Search for Common Sense." Iowa L. Rev. 73, no. 3 (1988): 541-609.
  • D'Aunno, Lisa E. (1986-1990), co-author. Child Protective Services in Michigan: Recommendations for Policy and Practice Prepared for Michigan Department of Social Services. D. Duquette and K. Faller, co-authors. Lansing, Mich.: Department of Social Services, 1988.
  • Duquette, Donald N. (1980- ). "Representing Children." Mich. B.J. 67, no. 3 (1988): 498-500.

    ______. "Legal Interventions in Child Sexual Abuse." In Child Sexual Abuse: An Interdisciplinary Manual for Diagnosis, Case Management, and Treatment, edited by K. Faller, 392-404. New York: Columbia University Press, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Interdisciplinary Teams in Professional Schools: A Case Study." K. C. Faller, co-author. In The New Child Protection Team Handbook, edited by D. C. Bross et al., 535-47. New York: Garland, 1988.

    ______, co-author. Child Protective Services in Michigan: Recommendations for Policy and Practice Prepared for Michigan Department of Social Services. L. E. D'Aunno and K. Faller, co-authors. Lansing, Mich.: Department of Social Services, 1988.
  • Eisenberg, Rebecca S. (1984- ). "Defining the Terms of Academic Freedom: A Reply to Professor Rabban." Tex. L. Rev. 66 (1988): 1431-9.

    ______. "Academic Freedom and Academic Values in Sponsored Research." Tex. L. Rev. 66 (1988): 1363-404.
  • Ellsworth, Phoebe C. (1987- ). "Unpleasant Facts: The Supreme Court's Response to Empirical Research on Capital Punishment." In Adjudicating Death: Moral and Legal Perspectives on Capital Punishment, edited by K. C. Haas and J. Inciardi. San Francisco: Sage, 1988.

    ______. "Unpleasant Facts: The Supreme Court's Response to Empirical Research on Capital Punishment." In Challenging Capital Punishment: Legal and Social Science Approaches, edited by K. C. Haas and J. A. Inciardi, 177-211. Sage Criminal Justice System Annuals, 24. Newbury Park, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Shades of Joy: Patterns of Appraisal Differentiating Pleasant Emotions." C. A. Smith, co-author. Cognition & Emotion 2, no. 4 (1988): 301-31.

    ______, co-author. "From Appraisal to Emotion: Differences among Unpleasant Feelings." C. A. Smith, co-author. Motivation & Emotion 12, no. 3 (1988): 271-302.
  • Fox, Merritt B. (1988-2003). "The Role of the Market Model in Corporate Law Analysis: A Comment on Weiss and White." Cal. L. Rev. 76 (1988): 1015-46.
  • Friedman, Richard D. (1988- ). "Some Modest Proposals on the Vice-Presidency." Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1988): 1703-34.

    ______. "Some Modest Proposals on the Vice-Presidency." Daily J. Report (1988): 16.
  • Frier, Bruce W. (1986- ). Review of The Institutes of Gaius, by W. M. Gordon and O. F. Robinson. Choice 26 (1988): 306.

    ______. Review of Roman Slave Law, by A. Watson. Am. Hist. Rev. 93 (1988): 1026-7.

    ______. "Prototypical Causation in Roman Law." Loy. L. Rev. 34 (1988): 485-516.

    ______. Review of Lawyers in Roman Transitional Politics: A Study of the Roman Jurists in Their Political Setting in the Late Republic and Triumvirate, by R. A. Bauman. Classical Philology 83, no. 1 (1988): 76-9.

    ______. Review of Giuristi e sapienti in Roma arcaica, by F. D'Ippolito. Gnomon 60 (1988): 1026-7.

    ______. Review of Causa Mortis: Auf den Spuren einer Redewendung, by D. Nörr. Am. J. Philology 109, no. 4 (1988): 618-21.
  • Geer, Martin A. (1985-1990), co-author. "Making Uncle Sam Pay: A Review of Equal Access to Justice Act Cases in the Sixth Circuit, 1983-1987." P. Reingold, co-author. U. Tol. L. Rev. 19 (1988): 301-30.
  • Green, Thomas A. (1972- ), co-editor. Twelve Good Men and True: The Criminal Trial Jury in England, 1200-1800. J. S. Cockburn, co-editor. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1988.

    ______. "Andrew M. Walkover: 1949-1988." U. Puget Sound L. Rev. 12 (1988): i-xxi.

    ______. "A Retrospective on the Criminal Trial Jury, 1200-1800." In Twelve Good Men and True: The Criminal Trial Jury in England, 1200-1800, edited by T. A. Green and J. S. Cockburn, 358-99. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1988.
  • Israel, Jerold H. (1961- ), co-author. Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell: Constitutional Limitations. 4th ed. W. R. LaFave, co-author. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1988.
  • Jackson, John H. (1966- ). "Strengthening the International Legal Framework of the GATT-MTN System: Reform Proposals for the New GATT Round." In The New GATT Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Legal and Economic Problems, edited by E.-U. Petersmann and M. Hilf, 3-23. Studies in Transnational Economic Law, vol. 5. Deventer, The Netherlands: Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers, 1988.

    ______. Review of Law and Its Limitations in the GATT Multilateral Trade System, by O. Long. Am. J. Int'l L. 82 (1988): 653-4.

    ______. International Competition in Services: A Constitutional Framework. Washington, D.C.: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1988.

    ______. "In Memoriam—William Warner Bishop, Jr. (1906-87)." Int'l Law. 22 (1988): 610-1.

    ______. "Constructing a Constitution for Trade in Services." World Econ. 11 (1988): 187-202.

    ______. "Consistency of Export-Restraint Arrangements with the GATT." World Econ. 11 (1988): 485-500.

    ______, co-author. An Assessment of the GATT Codes on Non-Tariff Measures. R. M. Stern and B. M. Hoekman, co-authors. Aldershot, U.K.: Gower, 1988.
  • Kahn, Douglas A. (1964- ). "Should General Utilities Be Reinstated to Provide Partial Integration of Corporate and Personal Income—Is Half a Loaf Better than None?" J. Corp. L. 13 (1988): 953-95.
  • Katz, Avery W. (1986-1994). "Reflections on Fuller and Perdue's 'The Reliance Interest in Contract Damages': A Positive Economic Framework." U. Mich. J.L. Reform 21 (1988): 541-60.

    ______. "Judicial Decisionmaking and Litigation Expenditure." Int'l Rev. L. & Econ. 8 (1988): 127-43.
  • Kauper, Thomas E. (1964- ). "William W. Bishop, Jr." Mich L. Rev. 86, no. 7 (1988): 1561-3.

    ______. "The Role of Quality of Health Care Considerations in Antitrust Analysis." Law & Contemp. Probs. 51 (1988): 273-340.

    ______, co-author. "Private Antitrust Cases that Follow-On Government Cases." E. Snyder, co-author. In Private Antitrust Litigation: New Evidence, New Learning, edited by L. J. White, 329-40. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1988.
  • Kennedy, Frank R. (1961-2008). "Bankruptcy and the Constitution." In Blessings of Liberty: The Constitution and the Practice of Law, 131-74. Philadelphia: ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education, 1988.
  • Krier, James E. (1983- ), co-author. Property. 2nd ed. J. Dukeminier, co-author. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1988.
  • Lempert, Richard O. (1968- ). "The New Evidence Scholarship: Analyzing the Process of Proof." In Probability and Inference in the Law of Evidence, edited by P. Tillers and E. D. Green, 61-102. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "The Effects of Graduate Training on Reasoning: Formal Discipline and Thinking about Everyday-Life Events." D. R. Lehman and R. E. Nisbett, co-authors. Am. Psychologist 43 (1988): 431-42.

    ______. "The Autonomy of Law: Two Visions Compared." In Autopoietic Law: A New Approach to Law and Society, edited by G. Teubner, 152-90. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Lawyers and Informal Justice: The Case of a Public Housing Eviction Board." K. Monsma, co-author. Law & Contemp. Probs. 51 (1988): 135-80.

    ______. "Andrew M. Walkover." U. Puget Sound L. Rev. 12 (1988): i-ii.

    ______. "'Between Cup and Lip': Social Science Influences on Law and Policy." Law & Pol'y 10 (1988): 167-200.
  • Litman, Jessica D. (1984-1990, 2006- ). "Performer's Rights and Digital Sampling under U.S. and Japanese Law." Law Quad. Notes 32, no. 2 (1988): 36-43.
  • Miller, William I. (1985- ). "Some Aspects of Householding in the Medieval Icelandic Commonwealth." Continuity & Change 3 (1988): 321-55.

    ______. "Ordeal in Iceland." Scandinavian Stud. 60 (1988): 189-218.

    ______. "Beating Up on Women and Old Men and Other Enormities: A Social Historical Inquiry into Literary Sources." Mercer L. Rev. 39, no. 3 (1988): 753-66.
  • Reed, John W. (1949-1964, 1968-2018). "On Retirement to a Deanship." Int'l Soc'y Barristers Q. 23 (1988): 360-7.

    ______. "A Rededication." Mich. B.J. 67 (1988): 588-91.
  • Reimann, Mathias W. (1985- ). Review of The Faces of Justice and State Authority: A Comparative Approach to the Legal Process, by M. R. Damaška. Am. J. Int'l L. 82 (1988): 203-8.

    ______. "National Socialist Jurisprudence and Academic Continuity: A Comment on Professor Kaufmann's Article." Cardozo L. Rev. 9 (1988): 1651-62.
  • Reingold, Paul D. (1983- ), co-author. "Making Uncle Sam Pay: A Review of Equal Access to Justice Act Cases in the Sixth Circuit, 1983-1987." M. Geer, co-author. U. Tol. L. Rev. 19 (1988): 301-30.
  • Sandalow, Terrance (1966- ). "Andrew Walkover." U. Puget Sound L. Rev. 12 (1988): iii-iv.
  • Schauer, Frederick (1984-1990). "Judging in a Corner of the Law." S. Cal. L. Rev. 61 (1988): 1717-33.

    ______. "Formalism." Yale L.J. 97 (1988): 509-48.

    ______. "Equality and Identity." N.Y. L. Sch. L. Rev. 33 (1988): 375-82.

    ______. "Context and Constitutionalism." Hamline L. Rev. 12 (1988): 59-69.

    ______. "Commercial Speech and the Architecture of the First Amendment." U. Cin. L. Rev. 56 (1988): 1181-203.
  • Schneider, Carl E. (1981- ). "State-Interest Analysis in Fourteenth Amendment 'Privacy' Law: An Essay on the Constitutionalization of Social Issues." Law & Contemp. Probs. 51 (1988): 79-122.

    ______. "Rights Discourse and Neonatal Euthanasia." Cal. L. Rev. 76 (1988): 151-76.

    ______. "Legislatures and Legal Change: The Reform of Divorce Law." Review of A Silent Revolution: Routine Policymaking and the Transformation of Divorce Law in the United States, by H. Jacob. Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1988): 1121-9.

    ______. "A Response to Two Puzzles." In The Legal Rights of Citizens with Mental Retardation, edited by L. A. Kane et al. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1988.
  • Seligman, Joel (1987-1995). "The Internationalization of the Securities Market: Preface to a Symposium." Mich. Y.B. Int'l Legal Stud. 9 (1988): 1-17.

    ______. "Stock Exchange Rules Affecting Takeovers and Control Transactions." In Knights, Raiders and Targets: The Impact of the Hostile Takeover, edited by J. Coffee et al. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988.

    ______. "Introduction: Symposium: Issues in Corporate Governance." U. Mich. J.L. Reform 22 (1988): 1-6.
  • Simma, Bruno (1988-1993, 2001- ). "The Court of Arbitration for Sport." In Völkerrecht, Recht der Internationalen Organisationen, Weltwirtschaftsrecht: Festschrift für Ignaz Seidl-Hohenveldern, edited by K. H. Böcksteigel et al., 573-85. Cologne: Carl Heymann, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Second Session of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights." P. Alston, co-author. Am. J. Int'l L. 82, no. 3 (1988): 603-15.

    ______, co-author. "Rotes Kreuz." C. Just, co-author. In Staatslexikon. 7 ed., edited by Görres-Gesellschaf, vol. 4 (Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege - Sozialhilfe): 940-4. Freiburg: Herder, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Grenzüberschreitende Auswirkungen von Kernkraftanlagen und Völkerrecht." G. Handl, co-author. Österreichische Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht 39 (1988): 1-8.
  • Simpson, A. W. B. (1987-2011). "Sir William Scott, Lord Stowell, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty: 1798-1828." Lloyd's Mar. & Com. L.Q. 4 (1988): 528-9.

    ______. "Rhetoric, Reality and Regulation 18b." Denning L.J. (1988): 123-53.

    ______. Review of Making Law Bind: Essays Legal and Philosophical, by T. Honore. Cambridge L.J. 47 (1988): 299-302.

    ______. "Legal Reasoning Anatomized." Review of Moral Argument and Social Vision in the Courts: A Study of Tort Accident Law, by H. J. Steiner. Law & Soc. Inquiry 13 (1988): 637-45.

    ______. Invitation to Law. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1988.

    ______. Review of Essays in English Legal History, by S. E. Thorne. Am. J. Legal Hist. 32 (1988): 79-80.

    ______. "Detention Without Trial in the Second World War: Comparing the British and American Experiences." Fla. St. U. L. Rev. 16, no. 2 (1988): 225-67.
  • Soper, E. Philip (1973- ). "Making Sense of Modern Jurisprudence: The Paradox of Positivism and the Challenge for Natural Law." Creighton L. Rev. 22 (1988): 67-88.
  • St. Antoine, Theodore J. (1965- ). "The Legal and Economic Implications of Union-Management Cooperation: The Case of GM and the UAW." In Proceedings of New York University Forty-First Annual National Conference on Labor, 8-1 to 8-23. Albany, N.Y.: Matthew Bender, 1988.

    ______. "Prevention of Antiunion Discrimination in the United States." Comp. Lab. L.J. 9 (1988): 384-98.

    ______. "Deferral to Arbitration and Use of External Law in Arbitration." Indus. Rel. L.J. 10 (1988): 19-26.

    ______, co-author. "Current Issues in Arbitration Law." A. V. Sinicropi et al., co-authors. Indus. Rel. L.J. 10 (1988): 2-26.

    ______. At-Will Employment and the Handsome American: A Case Study in Law and Social Psychology. Los Angeles: UCLA Institute of Industrial Relations, 1988.

    ______. "A Seed Germinates: Unjust Discharge Reform Heads Toward Full Flower." Neb. L. Rev. 67 (1988): 56-81.
  • Stein, Eric (1955-2011). "Professor William W. Bishop, Jr. (1906-1987): A Tribute." Am. J. Int'l L. 82 (1988): 321-2.
  • Steiner, Peter O. (1968-2010), co-author. "Preface." R. G. Lipsey and D. D. Purvis, co-authors. Preface to Macroeconomics. 8th ed., by R. G. Lipsey, P. O. Steiner, and D. D. Purvis, co-authors, ix-xi. New York: Harper & Row, (1988).

    ______, co-author. Macroeconomics. 8th ed. R. G. Lipsey and D. D. Purvis, co-authors. New York: Harper & Row, 1988. (Contains the chapters dealing with macroeconomics of the authors' Economics, 8th ed., published in 1987. Portions of this work were first published in the United Kingdom as An Introduction to Positive Economics, © 1963 by R. G. Lipsey.)
  • Watson, Andrew S. (1959-1998). "Some Psychological Aspects of the Trial Judge's Decision-Making." Mercer L. Rev. 39 (1988): 937-60.

    ______. "A Psychiatrist on the Law School Faculty: Influences on Professional Careers." Law Med. & Heath Care 16 (1988): 240-7.
  • Weiler, Joseph H. H. (1985-1992). Review of Transnational Legal Practice in the EEC and the United States 1987, by L. S. Spedding. Y.B. Eur. L 8 (1988): 351-3.

    ______. "The White Paper and the Application of Community Law." In 1992: One European Market?, edited by R. Bieber et al. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1988.

    ______. "The Patriarch Abraham, Law and Violence in the Modern Age." In Rechtsstaat und Menschenwürde Festschrift für Werner Maihofer zum 70. Geburtstag, edited by A. Kaufman, E. J. Mestmäcker, and H. F. Zacher, 603-15. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 1988.

    ______. "The Future of the European Community in the Light of the American Federal Experience." In Two Hundred Years of U.S. Constitution and Thirty Years of EEC Treaty, edited by K. Lenaerts. Deventer, The Netherlands: Kluwer, 1988.

    ______. "On Prophets and Judges--Reflections on State Responsibility and Crimes of State." In International Crimes of State: A Critical Analysis of the ILC's Draft Article 19 on State Responsibility, edited by A. Cassese et al. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1988.

    ______, co-editor. International Crimes of State: A Critical Analysis of the ILC's Draft Article 19 on State Responsibility. A. Cassese and M. Spinedi, co-editors. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "European Political Cooperation and the Challenge of Theory." W.Wessel, co-author. In European Political Cooperation in the 1980s, edited by A. Pijpers et al. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff, 1988.

    ______, co-editor. Europe and Israel: Troubled Neighbors. I. Greilsammer, co-editor. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1988.

    ______, co-editor. Change and Stability in International Law-Making. A. Cassese, co-editor. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1988.

    ______, co-author. "Back to the Future: Policy, Strategy and Tactics of the White Paper on the Creation of a Single European Market." R.Bieber et al., co-authors. In 1992: One European Market?, edited by R. Bieber et al., 13-31. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1988.

    ______, co-editor. 1992: One European Market? R. Bieber et al., co-editors. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1988.
  • White, James Boyd (1983- ). "The Odyssey." Raritan 8 (1988): 102-16.

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    ______. "Intellectual Integration." Nw. U. L. Rev. 82 (1988): 1-18.
  • White, James J. (1964- ), co-author. Uniform Commercial Code. 3rd ed., Student ed. R. S. Summers, co-author. Hornbook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1988.

    ______"Promise Fulfilled and Principle Betrayed." Ann. Surv. Am. L. 1988, vol. 1 (1988): 7-48.
  • Whitman, Christina B. (1976- ). "Law and Sex." Review of Feminism Unmodified, by C. A. MacKinnon. Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1988): 1388-403.

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