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Publications of the University of Michigan Law School Faculty

1987 Publications

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  • Aleinikoff, T. Alexander (1981-1997). "Good Aliens, Bad Aliens, and the Supreme Court." In Immigration Reform, Temporary Workers, Supreme Court, Private Sector, Legal Aspects of Detention and Sanctuary Movement, and Comparative Policies on Political Asylum in Europe and North America: Proceedings of the 1986 Annual National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy, by Center for Migration Studies; edited by L. F Tomasi, 46-51. In Defense of the Alien, 9. New York: Center for Migration Studies, 1987.

    ______. "Constitutional Law in the Age of Balancing." Yale L. J. 96 (1987): 943-1005.
  • Allen, Francis A. (1966-2007). "The Erosion of Legality in American Criminal Justice: Some Latter-Day Adventures of the Nulla Poena Principle." Ariz. L. Rev. 29, no. 3 (1987): 385-412.

    ______. "Commentary on Baldwin." U. Fla. L. Rev. 39, no. 2 (1987): 545-50. (Symposium: Procedural Due Process: Liberty and Justice)
  • Bassett, Scott G. (1984-1987), co-author. "A Family Court for Michigan?" M. M. Poznanski, co-author. Mich. B. J. 66, no. 7 (1987): 657-62.
  • Bishop, William W., Jr. (1948-1987). "The Role of International Law in a Peaceful World." In Public International Law and the Future World Order, edited by J. J. Norton. Littleton, Colo.: F. B. Rothman, 1987.

    ______. "International Law: American Law Schools Reviewed." Syllabus (Amer. Bar Assoc. ) 17 (1987): 1,7.
  • Bollinger, Lee C., Jr. (1973-1994, 1997-2002). "Wade H. McCree, Jr." Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1987): 221-2.
  • Chambers, David L. (1969- ). "Wade H. McCree, Jr." Mich. L. Rev. 86, no. 2 (1987): 224-6.

    ______. "The Abuses of Social Science: A Response to Fineman and Opie." Wis. L. Rev. 1987 (1987): 159-63.
  • Conard, Alfred F. (1954-2009), co-author. Enterprise Organization: Cases, Statutes, and Analysis on Licensing, Employment, Agency,Partnerships, Associations, and Corporations. 4th ed. R. L. Knauss and S. Siegel, co-authors. Mineola, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1987.

    ______. "Die Überwachung des Unternehmensmanagements." Zeitschrift für Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht 16 (1987): 180-218.

    ______. Review of Compensation and Support for Illness and Injury, by D. Harris et al. Am. J. Comp. L. 35 (1987): 431-5.

    ______, co-author. Agency, Associations, Employment, Licensing and Partnerships; Cases, Statutes and Analysis on Enterprise Organization. 4th ed. R. L. Knauss and S. Siegel, co-authors. Mineola, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1987.

    ______, co-author. 1987 Corporation and Partnership: Statutes, Rules and Forms. R. L. Knauss and S. Siegel, co-authors. Mineola, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1987.
  • Cooper, Edward H. (1972- ). "Mass and Repetitive Litigation in the Federal Courts." S. C. L. Rev. 38 (1987): 489-533.
  • Duquette, Donald N. (1980- ), co-author. "Representation of Children in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases: An Empirical Look at What Constitutes Effective Representation." S. Ramsey, co-author. U. Mich. J. L. Reform 20 (1987): 341-408.

    ______. "Liberty and Lawyers in Child Protection." In The Battered Child. 4th ed., edited by R. E. Helfer and C. H. Kempe, 401-22. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1987.
  • Eisenberg, Rebecca S. (1984- ). "Proprietary Rights and the Norms of Science in Biotechnology Research." Yale L. J. 97, no. 2 (1987): 177-231.
  • Ellsworth, Phoebe C. (1987- ), co-author. "The Social Psychology of Eyewitness Accuracy: Misleading Questions and Communicator Expertise." V. L. Smith, co-author. J. Applied Psychol. 72, no. 2 (1987): 294-300.

    ______, co-author. "Patterns of Appraisal and Emotion Related to Taking an Exam." C. A. Smith, co-author. J. Personality & Soc. Psychol. 52, no. 3 (1987): 475-88.
  • Estep, Samuel D. (1948-2006). "Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial Nonscience (Symposium: Legal Issues in Scientific Research)." Introduction to Univ. Mich. J. L. Reform. 20, no. 4 (1987): 943-64.
  • Frier, Bruce W. (1986- ). Review of Rome in the Late Republic, by M. Beard and M. Crawford. Am. Hist. Rev. 92 (1987): 109-10.
  • Green, Thomas A. (1972- ). "The English Criminal Trial Jury and the Law-Finding Traditions on the Eve of the French Revolution." In The Trial Jury in England, France, Germany, 1700-1900, edited by A. P. Schioppa, 41-73. Comparative Studies in Continental and Anglo-American Legal History, 4. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1987.
  • Gross, Samuel R. (1987- ). "The American Advantage: The Value of Inefficient Litigation." Mich. L. Rev. 85 (1987): 734-57.

    ______. "Loss of Innocence: Eyewitness Identification and Proof of Guilt." J. Legal Stud. 16 (1987): 395-453.
  • Irish, Leon E. (1985-1988). "Many Deductible IRAs Repealed; Elective SEPs Allowed." J. Tax'n 66 (1987): 266-72.

    ______. "Estate and Gift Tax Ramifications of the Employee Benefit Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986." Inst. on Est. Plan. 21 (1987): 1-22.

    ______. "Employee Benefit Provisions." ALI-ABA Course Materials J. 11, no. 4 (1987): 83-98.
  • Jackson, John H. (1966- ). "United States." In The Effect of Treaties in Domestic Law, edited by F. G. Jacobs and S. Roberts, 141-69. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1987.

    ______, co-author. "Role of Supervisory Mechanisms in the Restructuring of the International Economic Order: Some Reflections." M. Lachs, co-author. In Restructuring the International Economic Order: The Role of Law and Lawyers, edited by P. van Dijk et al., 163-77. Deventer, Netherlands: Kluwer, 1987.

    ______. "Multilateral and Bilateral Negotiating Approaches for the Conduct of United States Trade Policies." In U.S. Trade Policies in a Changing World Economy, edited by R. M. Stern, 377-401. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1987.

    ______. "GATT and Recent International Trade Problems." Md. J. Int'l L. & Trade 11 (1987): 1-12.

    ______. Review of Basic Documents on International Trade Law, by C. J. Cheng. Am. J. Int'l L. 81 (1987): 570.

    ______. "Anticipating Trade Policy in 1987." Looking Ahead 12 (1987): 1-7.
  • Kahn, Douglas A. (1964- ). Emanuel's Sum & Substance of Federal Income Tax. 8th ed. Culver City, Calif.: Emanuel Bar Review, 1987.
  • Kamisar, Yale (1965- ). "The 'Police Practice' Phases of the Criminal Process and the Three Phases of the Burger Court." In The Burger Years: Rights and Wrongs in the Supreme Court, 1969-1986, edited by H. Schwartz. New York: Viking, 1987.

    ______. "Some Non-Religious Views against Proposed 'Mercy-Killing' Legislation." In Ethics for Modern Life. 3rd ed., edited by R. Abelson and M. L. Friquegnon. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987.

    ______. "Edward L. Barrett, Jr.: The Critic with 'that Quality of Judiciousness Demanded of the Court Itself'." U. C. Davis L. Rev. 20, no. 2 (1987): 191-218.

    ______. "Drugs, AIDS and the Threat to Privacy." N. Y. Times Mag., September 13, 1987, sec. 1, 109-14.

    ______. "'Comparative Reprehensibility' and the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule." Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1987): 1-50.
  • Katz, Avery W. (1986-1994). "Measuring the Demand for Litigation: Is the English Rule Really Cheaper?" J. L. Econ. & Org. 3 (1987): 143-76.
  • Katz, Leo (1987-1991), co-author. "Next-To-Last Word on Endangered Directors." L. Herzel and R. W. Shepro, co-authors. Harv. Bus. Rev. 65 (1987): 38-9.

    ______, co-author. "Insider Trading: Who Loses?" L. Herzel, co-author. Lloyd's Bank Rev. 1987 (1987): 15-26.

    ______. Bad Acts and Guilty Minds: Conundrums of the Criminal Law. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1987.
  • Kauper, Thomas E. (1964- ). "The Sullivan Approach to Horizontal Restraints." Cal. L. Rev. 75 (1987): 893-915.
  • Kennedy, Frank R. (1961-2008). "Involuntary Fraudulent Transfers." Cardozo L. Rev. 9 (1987): 531-80.
  • Krier, James E. (1983- ). Review of Environmental Protection Policy, by E. Rehbinder and R. Stewart. Harv. Envtl. L. Rev 11 (1987): 593-608.
  • Litman, Jessica D. (1984-1990, 2006- ). "Copyright, Compromise and Legislative History." Cornell L. Rev. 72 (1987): 857-904.

    ______. "Amerika Ni Okero Chosakurinsetsuken No Hogo (Protection of performer's rights)." Chosakuken Kenkyu (Japan) (1987): 1-22.
  • Reed, John W. (1949-1964, 1968- ). "The Best of Times." Int'l Soc'y Barristers Q. 22 (1987): 365-73.
  • Regan, Donald H. (1968- ). "Siamese Essays: (I) CTS Corp. v. Dynamics Corp. of America and Dormant Commerce Clause Doctrine; (II) Extraterritorial State Legislation." Mich. L. Rev. 85 (1987): 1865-913.
  • Reimann, Mathias W. (1985- ). "Prurient Interest and Human Dignity—Pornography Regulation in West Germany and the United States." U. Mich. J. L. Reform 21 (1987): 201-53.
  • Rosenzweig, Michael G. (1979-1987). Target Litigation. Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan, 1987.
  • Ross, Dennis E. (1982-1989). "Treasury Says Expenses Incurred by Mutual Funds Will Be Included in Shareholders' Income." Tax Notes 36 (1987): 1208.
  • Schauer, Frederick (1984-1990). "Thinking about Causation with Special Reference to Pornography." Law Quad. Notes 31, no. 2 (1987): 24-9.

    ______. "The Jurisprudence of Reasons." Review of Law's Empire, by R. Dworkin. Mich. L. Rev. 85 (1987): 847-70.

    ______. "The Constitution as Text and Rule." Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 29 (1987): 41-51.

    ______. "Rights as Rules." Law & Phil. 6 (1987): 115-9.

    ______. "Precedent." Stan. L. Rev. 39 (1987): 571-605.

    ______. "Causation Theory and the Causes of Sexual Violence." Am. B. Found. Res. J. 1987 (1987): 737-70.

    ______. "Authority and Indeterminacy." In Authority Revisited, edited by J. R. Pennock and J. W. Chapman, 28-38. NOMOS, vol. 29. New York: New York Univ. Press, 1987.
  • Seligman, Joel (1987-1995). "Equal Protection in Shareholder Voting Rights: The One Common Share, One Vote Controversy." Corp. Prac. Commentator 29 (1987): 153-92.

    ______. "A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: The American Law Institute Principles of Corporate Governance Project." Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 55 (1987): 325-81.
  • Simpson, A. W. B. (1987-2011). "Towards a Legal Science." Review of Essays on Kelsen, by R. Tur and W. Twining, co-editors. Times Lit. Suppl., no. 4404, 28 August 1987: 920.

    ______. "No Accounting for Judges." Review of Pragmatism and Theory in English Law, by P. S. Atiyah. Times Lit. Suppl., no. 4406, 11 September 1987: 998.

    ______. Legal Theory and Legal History: Essays on the Common Law. London: Hambledon Press, 1987.

    ______. "Blaming the Beasts." Review of The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals: The Lost History of Europe's Animal Trials, by E. P. Evans. Times Lit. Suppl., no. 4412, 23 October 1987: 1173.

    ______. "Attorney on Trial." Review of Presumed Innocent, by S. Turow. Times Lit. Suppl., no. 4411, 16 October 1987: 1136.

    ______. A History of the Common Law of Contract. 2nd ed. Oxford: Claredon Press, 1987.
  • Smith, Allan F. (1947-1994). "Wade H. McCree, Jr." Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1987): 252-4.
  • Soper, E. Philip (1973- ). "Dworkin's Domain." Review of Law's Empire, by R. M. Dworkin. Harv. L. Rev. 100 (1987): 1166-86.
  • St. Antoine, Theodore J. (1965- ). "The Twilight of Employment at Will? An Update." Ann. Lab. & Emp. L. Inst. (1987): 1-18.

    ______. "The Collective Bargaining Process." In American Labor Policy, edited by C. J. Morris. Washington, D.C.: Bureau of National Affairs, 1987.

    ______. Review of Protecting American Workers: An Assessment of Government Programs, by S. A. Levitan et al. Indus. & Lab. Rel. Rev. 41 (1987): 152.

    ______. "John W. Reed and the High Style." Mich. L. Rev. 85 (1987): 1496-500.

    ______. "John W. Reed and the High Style." Int'l Soc'y Barristers Q. 22 (1987): 436-9.
  • Stein, Eric (1955-2011). Review of Die auswärtige Gewalt des Europa der Neun, by C. W. Vedder. Am. J. Int'l L. 81, no. 1 (1987): 293-4.

    ______. "Collective Enforcement of International Obligations." Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht 47 (1987): 56-66.
  • Steiner, Peter O. (1968-2010), co-author. Economics. 8th ed. R. G. Lipsey and D. D. Purvis, co-authors. New York: Harper & Row, 1987.
  • Vining, Joseph (1969- ). "Law and Enchantment: The Place of Belief." Mich. L. Rev. 86 (1987): 577-97.

    ______. A Note on the Application of Interpretive Theory to Legal Practice. [Toronto]: Univ. of Toronto, 1987.
  • Waggoner, Lawrence W. (1974- ). "Wait-and-See: The New American Uniform Act on Perpetuities." Cambridge L. J. 46 (1987): 234-9.

    ______, co-author. Selected Statutes on Trusts and Estates. J. H. Langbein, co-author. Westbury, N.Y.: Foundation Press, 1987.

    ______, co-author. "Redesigning the Spouse's Forced Share." J. H. Langbein, co-author. Real Prop. Prob. & Tr. J. 22 (1987): 303-28.
  • Weiler, Joseph H. H. (1985-1992). "The European Court at a Crossroads: Community Human Rights and Member State Action." In Du Droit International au Droit de l'Intégration: Liber Amicorum Pierre Pescatore, edited by F. Capotori et al. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, 1987.

    ______. "The Court of Justice on Trial." Review of On Law and Policy in the European Court of Justice, by H. Rasmussen. Common Mkt. L. Rev. 24 (1987): 555-89.

    ______, co-author. Europe's Middle East Dilemma: The Quest for a Unified Stance. I. Greilsammer, co-author. Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press, 1987.
  • Westen, Peter K. (1973- ). "The Place of Foreign Treaties in the Courts of the United States: A Reply to Louis Henkin." Harv. L. Rev. 101 (1987): 511-23.
  • White, James Boyd (1983- ). "Thinking about Our Language." Yale L. J. 96 (1987): 1960-83.

    ______. "The Invisible Discourse of the Law: Reflections on Legal Literacy and General Education." In A Student's Guide to the Study of Law: An Introduction, by L. H. LaRue. New York: Matthew Bender, (1987).

    ______. "Response to Roger Cramton's Article." J. Legal Educ. 37 (1987): 533-4.

    ______. "Law as Rhetoric, Rhetoric as Law: The Arts of Cultural and Communal Life." In The Rhetoric of the Human Sciences, edited by J. S. Nelson et al. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1987.

    ______. "Intellectual Integration." Issues Integrative Stud., no. 5 (1987): 1-18.

    ______. "Economics and Law: Two Cultures in Tension." Tenn. L. Rev. 54 (1987): 161-202.

    ______. "Constructing a Constitution: 'Original Intention' in the Slave Cases." Md. L. Rev. 47 (1987): 239-70.
  • White, James J. (1964- ). "Taking from Farm Lenders and Farm Debtors: Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code." J. Corp. L. 13 (1987): 1-31.

    ______, co-author. Secured Transactions: Teaching Materials. R. E. Speidel and R. S. Summers, co-authors. American Casebook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1987.

    ______, co-author. Sales: Teaching Materials. R. E. Speidel and R. S. Summers, co-authors. American Casebook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1987.

    ______, co-author. Commercial Paper: Teaching Materials. R. E. Speidel and R. S. Summers, co-authors. American Casebook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1987.

    ______, co-author. Commercial Law: Teaching Materials. 4th ed. R. E. Speidel and R. S. Summers, co-authors. American Casebook Series. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1987.

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