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Persons & Materials Included

Persons Included

  • Tenured and tenure track Law Professors and Assistant Law Professors, and Clinical Professors with 7 year appointments
  • William W. Cook Global Law Professors (formerly known as Overseas Affiliated Faculty)
  • Emeritus faculty who continue to work at the University of Michigan Law School
  • Law Library Directors
  • Tenured Research Associates
  • Contract faculty expected to produce scholarship

Persons Excluded

  • Administrators
  • Adjunct Instructors, Lecturers, and Professors
  • Clinical Assistant Professors
  • Emeritus faculty who leave the University of Michigan and go to other institutions
  • Individuals from other units teaching in the Law School
  • Instructors, Lecturers and Fellows
  • Non-instructional Assistant Deans
  • Professors from Practice
  • Research Scholars
  • Visiting Professors

Materials Included

  • Articles in all disciplines, including full reprints
  • Authored chapters in books
  • Books
  • Books edited
  • Book reviews (including from newspapers)
  • Excerpts, summaries or adaptations of forthcoming or previously published articles, reprints of speeches, program or travel descriptions, etc., in Law Quadrangle Notes
  • Essays or articles in collections
  • Introductions, forewords, and prefaces to books and symposia
  • Forthcoming articles and books
  • Works in progress & working papers are only included until they are accepted for publication and published.

Materials Excluded

  • Articles, books or book chapters reprinted in part (except those in Law Quadrangle Notes)
  • Blog posts
  • Briefs and other court documents
  • Computer programs and software
  • Congressional testimony
  • Court opinions
  • Dissertations
  • Excerpts, summaries, abridgements or adaptations of forthcoming or previously published articles, books, book chapters, reprints of speeches, program or travel descriptions, etc., (except those in Law Quadrangle Notes)
  • Foreign editions of books
  • Journals edited
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Newspaper articles (including legal newspapers)
  • Op-ed pieces
  • Paperback editions
  • Reprints of books
  • Restatements for which faculty member is Reporter
  • Speeches (post-1900)
  • Supplements to previously published works
  • Translations of books into foreign languages
  • Working papers excluded once work is published