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Coursepack Quality Scanning

To request a copy of an article or portion of a book to be used to compile electronic course materials, email In the e-mail, tell us the following; we’ll get back to you if there are further questions.

  1. We will email you the electronic version or post it to the electronic location you designate, e.g., CTools or M+Box.
  2. The default is 2 pages on 1; tell us if you want 1 on 1.
  3. Any special instructions you want us to follow.

    We will include the title page and/or table of contents for citation purposes.

    Course Reserves

    To place materials on reserve:

    Phone Debbie Tennant (764-4218) or e-mail your request to  
    Books are put on open or closed reserve.  Articles, chapters and papers are made available to your students in electronic format.

    Closed Reserve

    Students must show UMID to use books on closed reserve.  The following materials will always be placed on closed reserve:
        • Private copies of books
        • Software
        • Video tapes, CDs and DVDs
        • A specific Law Library book or photocopy designated by faculty or library staff as appropriate for closed reserve
        • West Nutshell series

    Exams on Reserve 

    On Course Reserve
    If you send copies of exams (with or without model answers) to the library be put on course reserve, they will be added to your semester's course reserve list and students will be able to open and print an electronic version.

    Submitted to the Law School Registrar for permanent retention
    If you have submitted exams to the Law School Registrar for permanent retention, these exams will be listed on reserve lists that end in the word "exams" and will not appear on your semester's course reserve list unless you ask that we add them.


    Posting to CTools

    To request that library staff post an electronic copy of an article or portion of a book to your CTools or M+Box site, email In the email include:

    1. The citation
    2. The name of the course
    3. What you want the file named; absent instruction, we will use Author. Brief title., e.g. Smith. Legal History of…

    We must be authorized to post to your CTools or M+Box site. If this is a first request, we will contact you to set that up.

    Integrating Course Reserve Lists with C-Tools

    You can insert a link to a course reserve list in CTools. Once at your C-Tools site, your students will be able to click the choice Law Library Reserves from the list of links on the left.  The student can then see the whole list of items you've placed on reserve, including call number information for books and paper copies.  If there are electronic resources on the reserve list, which is often the case, the students can open them from that list.

    To insert a link:
    Ask the library for the URL to the course (email or call Debbie Tennant at 764-4218).

    Then to add this list to CTools, follow the steps listed below. Call Debbie Tennant at 764-4218 if you have any questions or problems.

    1. In your CTools course list: click site info (towards bottom of list on left).
    2. Once the site info page is up, click edit tools (from the bar of choices along the top).
    3. On the list of tools that appears, scroll down and click to check the box in front of web content, then click continue.
    4. The next screen has boxes after Title and Source.
      • In the box after Title, replace the words Web Content with Law Library Reserves.
      • In the box after Source, paste in the URL that you have copied from the e-mailed response from the library. (overwrite existing http://). Click continue and then finish.
      • Once Law Library Researves appears in the left menu, click on it and then click on the paper and pencil icon in the top right corner next to 'help.' Once the page opens, check the box next to 'open in new window?' Then click update options.
      • Click Law Library Reserves from the choices on the left menu to make sure you have the correct reserve list.
      • The reserve list should now now open in a new window. If it does not open in a new window, and you see the option to 'relaunch page in a new window,' you may need to log out and log back in to CTools for the change to take effect. If you get a list that isn't correct, email or call Debbie Tennant at 764-4218.

    You can also insert a link to your exams list, which contains those exams you have submitted for permanent retention.

    • Ask Debbie for the link to that list.
    • Follow the instructions above, but use the title Exams Reserve List.

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