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William W. Cook Webpage Credits

January 17, 2007

This work was inspired by several people whose work provided a foundation for what I've done, and who have helped me personally throughout the project. University of Michigan Professor Emeritus Alfred Conard first explored Cook's life when he reviewed Cook on Corporations for the Michigan Law Review. Professor Emerita Ilene Forsyth's book, The Uses of Art, opened up the intricate relationship among Cook, his architects, and people at the University of Michigan who together created the Law Quadrangle. It is too late to thank the late Elizabeth Brown for her exhaustive Legal Education at Michigan, 1859-1959, which has provided infinite resources and facts.

Everyone who works at the University of Michigan Law Library has helped me by continuing to provide superb services and collections while I've been engaged in Cook research. Some have helped with the research, or provided clues, insights, and resource ideas. These include in particular Barbara Snow, whose expertise in genealogical research, census records, and old newspapers, as well as finding people, took me much deeper into many kinds of information than I would have gone without her help.

The University of Michigan Bentley Historical Collection's archives were essential to my work, and everyone from the highly competent archivists to the equally dedicated people who photocopied, have my gratitude.

When I decided to create a web page before attempting a printed book, I had more hurdles, which disappeared as soon as I found Ted Lawless to help. Ted is a student in the University of Michigan School of Information, and he is the webmaster of this site. To him all credit for organization and usability.

Marion Scher, Director of the Martha Cook building, led me to the delights of the Steinway piano formerly owned by Cook now in that building. Members and staff of the Blooming Grove Hunting and Fishing Club gave me entry to their grounds and buildings.

I deeply appreciate all the help I have received, and look forward to working with these people, and others, to complete a biography of William W. Cook.

--- Margaret Leary ---