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Visitor Access

Underground Smith Addition & Reading Room Hours

Building access with M-Card after 7 pm.  Midnight - 2am: Law Students Only

* Non-law students already studying in the building at midnight may remain until 2 am when the Reading Room is open until 2 am.


Access to the Law Library

The University of Michigan Law School welcomes researchers to the underground Smith Addition to use the collection, including U.S. depository materials, for their legal research. Those with no legal research need are welcome to use the unrestricted portion of the Reading Room, which is open for general study.

Who May Enter the Underground Smith Addition

  • By showing identification as follows:
    • UM Law School Faculty and Students: A current U of M ID which is verifiable in the Law Library database
    • UM Faculty: A UMID which can be verified in the directory, with status of professor (assistant, associate, emeritus)
    • UM Regents: A picture ID or UMID
    • Attorneys: A valid Bar card from any state or country. Attorneys from jurisdictions without Bar cards should apply for a research pass at the Reference Desk
  • By obtaining or showing one of the following passes:
    • Tourists: If you wish to look around the building for a short time, please pick up a visitor pass at the Entrance Gate or Reference Desk
    • Others: Please apply for a research pass at the Reference Desk. 

For information about applying for a research pass, contact the Law Library Reference Desk at 734-764-9324.

Location & Parking Information

801 Monroe Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1210


Parking: Coin parking meter hours: Mon - Sat, 6 am to 6 pm.
(Meters are free evenings and Sundays)

Alternative to coins: buy a Stored Value Card. Cards can be purchased at 324 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. For more information, please contact (734) 761-7235.


Elevator Access to Underground Smith Addition

Getting from the street level to the underground levels takes a few steps:

  • Enter the Reading Room from the Monroe Street side if you need to use the elevators. Automatic door openers are available for the outside door. Proceed through the Reading Room to the elevators to the east of the Reading Room desk and go down to the first floor (the Reading Room is on 3).
  • Go to your left around the corner and through the double grey doors. There is an automatic opener available.
  • Go down the ramp before the green steps to another elevator and go down 1 flight.
  • Proceed through the gate to the Law Library. You are entering the Library on the Sub-1 level. If you need to go to Sub-2 or Sub-3, there is an elevator just beyond the Reference Desk.
The sub-level elevators are turned off 10 minutes before closing. Please exit the building 10 minutes before closing if you need to use the elevators.


WiFi Access

Wireless internet access is available in the Reading Room and underground Law Library.

  • The MWireless network is available to the University of Michigan Community.
  • The MGuest network is available to visitors.
For more information and access instructions see: