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Who's Who in the Law School

administrative offices
Sarah Zearfoss (szearfos), Senior Assistant Dean, 2200 SH, 764-0537
Mark Jefferson (markje), Assistant Director, 2200 SH, 764-0537
Joe Pollak (jdpollak), Assistant Director, 2200 SH, 764-0537

Brian Genoa (bgenoa), 1184 SH, 763-9233
Shawn DeLoach (shawndel), 1184 SH, 647-7359

Shelley Rodgers (lawcommunications), 2100 SH, 936-3612

Copy Center
Tara Perry (taperry), Senior Duplicator Operator, 158 LR, 764-0348

Dean of the Law School
Mark West (markwest), Dean and Professor of Law, 324 HH, 764-0514
Robyn Grimes (rlgrimes), Assistant to the Dean, 324 HH, 763-7409
Rachel Perrell (rperrell), Assistant to the Dean, 324 HH, 764-0514

Development and Alumni Relations
Michael Dubin (mdubin), Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, 615-4505
Kolby VanDyke (kvandyk), Assistant to the Dean, 4066 SH, 615-4505

Events Planning and Publicity
Laura Gray (ljgray), Director of Development and Alumni Relations Events, 4114 SH, 615-4535

Facilities Manager
Lois Harden (loiso), 4165 SH, 763-3003

Financial Aid
Lindsey Stetson (stetson), Director, 2210 SH, 764-5289
Vicki Abbott (vlabbott), Assistant Director, 2220 SH, 764-5289

Information Technology Services
Lyle Whitney (lwhitney), Interim Director, 2100 SH, 764-2573

International and Comparative Law
Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis (tkjlaw), Assistant Dean, 212 HH, 764-5269
Barbara Glispin (glispin), Administrative Assistant, 212 HH, 764-5269
Stephanie Wiederhold (wls), Program Coordinator, 212 HH, 764-0535

Law Library
Barbara Garavaglia (bvaccaro), Director and Librarian, S180A LR, 764-9338
Mary Clemence (clemence), Administrative Specialist, S180 LR, 764-9323
Veronica Richard (vrichard), Clerk Senior, S180 LR, 763-7191

Lawyers Club
Diane Nafranowicz (nafrano), Director, 764-1116

Office of Student Records
Jane Ozanich (jozanich), Manager, 303 HH, 763-3419
Deborah Hartranft (dmhart), Curriculum Coordinator, 300 HH, 647-7589
Jan Abbott (abbottjl), Records Assistant, 300 HH, 763-6499

Public Interest
Amy Sankaran (aharwell), Pro Bono Manager, 3158 SH, 764-7787
Alyson Robbins (alyr), Public Interest Director, 1112 SH, 763-4404

Room Reservations
Jenny Rickard (rickardj), Meeting/Special Events Manager, 4155 SH, 764-4705

Student Life
Bayrex Martí (bayrex), Assistant Dean for Student Life, 316 HH, 764-0516
Trudy Feldkamp (tfeldkam), Student Administration Assistant, 316 HH, 936-0776
Hayley Wagner (haylynch), Student Life Program Coordinator, 316 HH, 764-0516

Student Journals
Jessica Hanes (hanesjl), Law Library, S-130 Legal Research, 647-8713