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Student Organization Board Turnover Checklist


Make sure your organization is in the communications loop!
Why? Because you'll miss really important information regarding funding opportunities, special events, and critical student organization related business.

Is your group on LSLEADERS?
LSLeaders is the primary channel through which the Office of Student Life reaches out to the various Law School student organizations regarding such topics as funding requests, invitations to special events, etc. If your organization is not on lsleaders, your group will miss out on important announcements. Please contact the Office of Student Life at​ if you would like to sign up your organization for this email group.

Have you renewed your organization's group email address?
Your student organization must renew its group email address on an annual basis or it will be disabled and deleted by the Directory Maintenance system. You can find the email address for your group's board on the Journals and Student Organizations page of the website. If you've had elections and new members need to be added, please do so. And don't forget to remove outgoing members.

You must be an owner of the email group to update it. To update your email group, go to the Online Directory and click Log In. Once you have signed in, enter your group email name in the Search box and click Search. When the results from your search comes up, click on the name of the email address you wish to modify (be sure you have the correct one; there may be more than one listed). Click on the Members tab. To remove members from the list, click the X next to their name. To add new members, click Add Members (upper left of the screen). To add new owners, list their uniqname in the Add Owners box (top box). To add new members, list their uniqname in the Add Members box (second box down). When all changes have been made, click Save Changes (at the bottom of the page). Click on the General Info tab to renew the group after you've saved your changes. Click on Renew Group in the upper left corner. You can then Logout.

Does your organization have a website?
If not, we can help you set one up.  Contact Kurt Kaiser for assistance!

Have you registered (or re-registered) your organization with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership (SAL)?
All organizations must update their registration annually with SAL or they will not be recognized by the University.

Planning an alcohol event

Will students have access to alcohol at your event?
Don't forget to register your event via the online Alcohol Event Registration System.

Do your advertisements promote happy hour, drink specials, or excessive alcohol consumption?
Flyers that promote the above will be removed without reimbursement for printing costs. You should advertise your event without highlighting alcohol consumption as the "main" attraction. Please review the Alcohol Policy for more detailed information.


In order to receive any University funding, a student organization must maintain a current account with the Student Organization Account Service (SOAS), a University-wide accounting service. Any funding provided by the Law School Student Senate (LSSS), Law School, or other University department must be deposited into a valid SOAS account.

The LSSS has an open and extensive budgeting process for student organizations each fall. The LSSS funding policy can be found here.

The Office of Student Life also provides funding to student organizations. To be eligible to receive funds, student organizations must be officially recognized by LSSS, registered with SAL, and have a valid SOAS account. Funding requests are submitted via the online Student Life Funding Request Form.

making copies

Copy Center and Shortcode
For large or complex jobs, student organizations may consider the Law School Copy Center. At least two days advance notice is required. Requesting organizations must provide their group's SOAS account number, and complete an "authorized signer form" (available from LSSS).

When submitting a job for copying at the Copy Center, you must provide your group's 6-digit shortcode to the Copy Center staff. If you don't know your group's shortcode, contact your group's treasurer.

planning fall events

Student Organization Open House
The Office of Student Affairs organizes an Open House in which all interested student organizations may participate. Tables are staffed by current group members, who are there to talk with students interested in that particular group. The Open House normally happens during the first few weeks of the fall semester. No registration is required to reserve a table; participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. More information regarding the Open House will be circulated via lsleaders.

Fall Elections and New Officers
The Office of Student Life maintains a list of the officers for all Law School's student organizations. Each fall, after a group holds its elections to get interested 1Ls on the board, the group must send a complete list of the board members for the academic year to the Office of Student Life. The information that should be provided is the board member's name, uniqname, and the office that person holds.

promotional materials

Did you hang your flyer/poster in the right place? And did you include the name of your organization and a contact person?
There are many bulletin boards located around Hutchins Hall. Make sure that you have posted your flyer on the right one, and that you've included contact information in case we need to reach you.

Each student organization should familiarize themselves with the policies in place regarding the use of these bulletin boards to avoid expensive reprinting costs due to flyers being destroyed for non-compliance. The Posting Policy can be found here.

Student organizations may also have their promotional flyers posted to MLaw Live by sending it as an email attachment in the appropriate format. Guidelines for creating flyers for posting to MLaw Live are also in the Posting Policy.

Alumni/Firm Contact

Student organizations who wish to contact firms or alumni for whatever reason must do so through the office of Development and Alumni Relations via the online Alumni/Firm Solicitation Request form.

Student Organization Pendaflexes

Student organizations receive mail in their organization pendaflexes, which are in the B38 Student Organization office suite in the basement of Hutchins Hall. If your group does not have a pendaflex or is in need of a new one, please contact the Office of Student Life.

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