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Other Financial Information

how do i get reimbursed for expenditures?
When seeking reimbursement of expenses, student organizations should keep the following SOAS guidelines in mind:

  • The purchase of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products with school funds is not permitted.
  • Airfare can only be reimbursed upon submission of the original plane ticket.
  • SOAS will not disburse funds (issue a check) to an organization's outside bank account.

In order to be reimbursed for payment to a person for services rendered, a student organization must fill out a Services Rendered Worksheet, which requires the service provider's signature. This worksheet is required whenever personal services are rendered. Disk jockeys, caterers, and any other person(s) paid for services (as opposed to goods) can only be paid if this worksheet is submitted by the organization. Worksheets are available in the LSSS office or the SOAS office.

Are there limitations on how i can spend university and law school funds?
Student organizations may not use University or Law School funds for:

  • Political campaigning
  • Staff salaries
  • Business activities (to support for-profit activities of individuals or groups)
  • Donations to organizations outside the University
  • Lobbying
  • Purchase of alcohol
  • Honoraria

can my organization have an independent checking account?
The Law School will only deposit allocated funds into an organization's SOAS account. Due to potential risks and issues that come with independent bank accounts, the Law School does not permit student organizations to maintain such accounts.