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The University of Michigan Law School

         The University of Michigan Law School

Law School Student Senate

The Law School student Senate (LSSS or the "Senate") is the Law School's elected student government. It serves a wide range of functions and is constantly striving to best serve the changing needs and interests of students.

LSSS is the main funding source for all of the Law School student organizations.The Senate appoints students to all University standing committees, and facilitates student involvement in the Law School administration, such as faculty hiring.

LSSS sponsors many Law School events each year, including major events such as the Halloween Party, Faculty/Student Wine and Cheese, Faculty Member Lectures, Winter Formal, Bar Month, and the End-of-the-Year Barbeque.

The Senate facilitates change on behalf of students. Examples include more minor things such as new coffee in the student snack bar, to larger issues such as student safety.

LSSS assists in policy making for the Lawyers Club through its representatives on the Lawyers Club governing body, the Board of Governors.

The officers of LSSS are elected in the spring of each year, with an additional memeber elected from each of the first-year and LLM sections in the fall. The Senate meets once a week throughout the school year. Meetings are open to all law students.