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George Montgomery Danforth
Class of: 1860

George Montgomery Danforth
B.S.,LLB ’60, M.S. ‘62
Died at Minneapolis, Minn, Jan 9, 1881
He was born at Ovid, Seneca Co., N.Y., Sept. 30, 1836.  He removed to Ann Arbor with his parents about 1845.   He fitted for College at Ann Arbor and entered the Scientific Course in 1854, graduating in 1858.  He immediately commenced the study of the law and on the opening of the Law Department became a member of the first class therein.   He received the degree of LL.B. in 1860. He commenced the practice of his profession in Ann Arbor, but in 1862 removed to Detroit and engaged in the practice of his profession.  In 1867 he business as a Patent Right Attorney in New York City,  and Manager of Danforth & Co., Investors Exchange.  In 1874 he became a Collecting Attorney for H.B. Claflin & Co.  In 1856 he became a lecturer on spiritualism, and traveled extensively in that capacity until his decease.
   He died at Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 9, 1881 age 44.  His remains are interred at Ann Arbor.
                                                                                                 T.R. Chase, Necrologist
--From The Class of “Fifty Eight” University of Michigan 1858-1913, compiled by Lyster M. O’Brien.  p. 24-25.
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