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The Honorable Franz Christian Kuhn
Class of: 1894

Source: Portrait from the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society website


HON. FRANZ C. KUHN, associate justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan, is a worthy representative of the dignity and greatness of the state in the domain of the law which he has honored for twenty years, and an able and virile product of the city with which he has been for so long identified as lawyer, jurist and progressive citizen. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, February 8, 1872, and is a son of John and Anna C. (Ullrich) Kuhn, both natives of Germany. The mother belonged to the Ullrich family of Mount Clemens, which has long been identified with the commercial and financial interests of that city. The parents of Judge Kuhn were married in Detroit, but in 1874 removed to Mount Clemens, where the father is still engaged in commercial pursuits.

Judge Kuhn was reared in Mount Clemens and was given a thorough literary training by parents who firmly believed in an education as the best asset of manhood. After attending the public schools, he entered the literary department of the University of Michigan, where he was graduated with the class of 1893, with the degree of Bachelor of Sciences, and in the following year graduated from the law department, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Almost immediately thereafter he was admitted to the bar, and during the same year was elected Circuit Court commissioner of Macomb county, a capacity in which he served from 1894 until 1896. From 1898 until 1904 he served as prosecuting attorney of Macomb county, three terms, and in the latter year was elected probate judge. He was re-elected to that office in 1908, but June 6, 1910, resigned to accept the appointment of attorney general of Michigan, from Governor Warner. On October 6, 1910, the Republican State Convention nominated Judge Kuhn for the office of attorney general, and he was elected for the full term at the ensuing election. In September, 1912, Governor Osborn appointed Judge Kuhn associate justice of the Michigan Supreme Court to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the late Judge Blair, and at the Republican State Convention held the same year he was nominated to complete the full term of Judge Blair, and was sent to that office at the following election. His term will expire in 1918. Judge Kuhn established his residence in Detroit in July, 1913, having formerly resided at Lansing. While Judge Kuhn's rise to his present exalted position has been rapid, it has been fairly earned. No one has ever had cause to doubt his mental strength or his deep and thorough knowledge of law and jurisprudence. His decisions have ever indicated a strong mentality and careful analysis, and the discovery has yet to be made that he has ever been other than impartial.

Judge Kuhn was married to Mrs. Mina C. Burton, who was born in Richmond, Virginia, and they have one daughter, Wilhelmina Ann, who was born in 1911. Judge Kuhn is a member of the various Masonic bodies, including Romeo Commandery No. 6, Knights Templar, and Moslem (Detroit) Temple of the Mystic Shrine. He is past grand chancellor of Michigan of the Knights of Pythias, and a valued member of the University Club and the Detroit Boat Club.
--History of Michigan, Volume 4, Charles Moore, 1915, pp.1957-8.
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