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John Allen Bagley
Class of: 1888

John A. Bagley, formerly attorney general of the state of Idaho and city attorney for Montpelier, is a native of Utah, born in Salt Lake City, May 16, 1862, and is a son of John and Mary J. (Allen) Bagley. The father was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and his mother and President Grant were own cousins. The mother was born in the state of Kentucky and was a descendant of Ethan Allan. John Bagley removed to Salt Lake City in 1852 and was in the timber business most of his life. On coming west he continued in that line until 1864, when he removed to Bear Lake county, Idaho, where he acquired a tract of land which he improved and developed and has been operating ever since. He is now practically retired and resides in Montpelier, having reached the advanced age of eighty-four years. He has always been active in the affairs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and warmly Interested in all its good works. His wife died in September, 1916.
John A. Bagley was educated in the district schools of Bear Lake county, later graduating from the Brigham Young Acaddmy at Provo Utah, with the class of 1882, Senator Reed Smoot being one of his classmates. In 1886 he went to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and graduated in law and civil engineering in 1888, after which he returned to Idaho and has practiced law ever since, while devoting some time to engineering. In 1903-04 Mr. Bagley served as attorney general of Idaho, bringing his ability and legal knowledge to bear on the duties of that important office. In addition to carrying on his law practice in Montpelier, he also maintains an office at Salt Lake City, of which his son, L. Lorane, takes charge. The latter was private secretary to his father while holding the office of attorney general.
On August 2, 1883, Mr. Bagley was married to Sarah E. Lawson, and they became the parents of one child, L. Lorane, born on May 7, 1884. Mrs. Bagley died in March, 1885, and on August 15, 1888, Mr. Bagley married for his second wife, Nina Furrow, and they became the parents of nine children: Van Horn, Moretta, Almorean, Hawley. Lucille and Nina B., all living; and three children who died in infancy. Mrs. Nina Bagley died November 11, 1905. On January 6, 1907, Mr. Bagley took for his third wife Mary M. Peterson, of Bear Lake county, and to this union four children were born, namely: Grant, John A., Jr., Major and Virginia. Mrs. Mary M. Bagley died in October, 1918, of influenza.
Mr. Bagley served as city attorney of Montpelier for a number of years, at a salary of twenty-five dollars per year. He was a partner of Judge Alfred Budge in Montpelier for several years, and also maintained offices in Paris, this state, for a considerable time. Politically Mr. Bagley is a republican and has always been an active worker on behalf of the party. In church affairs he is no less active and filled a two-year mission in the northwestern states for the advancement of the work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mr. Bagley never used his homestead rights but formerly had farming interests near Montpelier. He was the first man from this part of the state to enter an eastern college, and he is generally regarded as one of the most cultured and capable lawyers at present practicing at the bar of Idaho.
--History of Idaho: The Gem of the Mountains, James Henry Hawley, 1920, pp.430-433.
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