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History and Traditions
Student Profile
Jesse Monroe Hatch
Class of: 1880

Jesse Monroe Hatch was born in the township of Lee, in Calhoun county, Michigan, May 27, 1858. He was educated in the public schools of Marshall and studied law in the office of Willis S. Geer. He graduated from the law school of the university of Michigan in the class of 1880. After completing his course he continued his law studies in the office of Judge Woodruff in the city of Marshall and after one year opened an office and has been engaged in the practice of law ever since. He is now associated with his two sons, Jay Warren Hatch and Blaine Willard Hatch, two young lawyers. Mr. Hatch was elected prosecuting attorney two terms and served one term in the state legislature.
--From History of Calhoun County, Michigan: a narrative account of its historical progress, its people, and its principal interests, by Hon Washington Gardner ..., Volume 1, by Washington Gardner, 1913, p. 278.
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