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Daniel Sawan Twitchell
Class of: 1860

The End Came Sunday to the Pioneer Lawyer After a Prolonged Illness.
Colonel Daniel S Twitchell, one of the oldest and foremost lawyers in Kansas City, died of diabetes at 6 30 o clock Sunday morning in his home, 3104 Peary avenue, after am illness extending over a period of two years.  Colonel Twitchell's condition became serious in the early part of February, when his sons  R W E. Twitchell, assistant solicitor in Las Vegas, N M, for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railway, and Beecher Twitchell, whose home is in Old Mexico were called to this city and remained with him until he died.  Colonel Twitchell was 6? years of age and came to Kansas City in in 1863.  Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o' clock to-morrow afternoon at Grace Episcopal church, the Rev. Cameron Mann officiating. The body will be placed in the family vault in Linwood cemetery.
Daniel S. Twitchell was born in Scio, Mich. April 11, 18?4. Jonna Twitchell, his father, was a native of Vermont and his mother, Sarah Weekes was the daughter of Re??ne Weekes, a scholar, poet, and historian, eminent in the literature of the Society of Friends of America. Young Twitchell passed fourteen uneventful years on the farm of his parents in a community composed almost wholly of Vermonters. After having obtained a good common school education, he left his home to enter upon a prepatory course for college. He remianed four years in college, teaching during vacations.
In 18?6, Mr. Twitchell entered a law office at Ann Arbor. There after two years of study he was admitted to the bar and at once opened an office of his own. To increase his knowledge of the law he entered the law department of the University of Michigan and at the closse of the term in March 1860 was graduated with the first class of the department.  Elected recorder of Ann Arbor in ???? and circuit commissioner of the county in 1860, he remained at Ann Arbor until he was removed to Kansas City and began again the practice of law. The training of his early years had made him realize the narrow opportunities of his surroundings although ????? at the same time ???? jim to work with advantage in a wider field.  The westward wave settlin in immediately after the war gave him his chance.
One of the few Republicans in Jackson county in the early days, S S Twitchell was in 1872 and again in 1876 the choice of the party of his district as nominee for representative in Congress and in 1874 was a candidate for the office of attorney general of Missouri.  Assisting him in this campaign were Carl Schurz and other men of national reputation. Nominations of this kind, however were only honors and carried with them only hardly any hope of success.  Several years before, in 1869, Mr. Twitchell was elected to the office of city attorney at ????? a very important position including ?? ????the office and duties of city counselor. From 1881 to 1883 he filled by appointment the position of city counselor. While city counselor Mr. Twitchell represented the city in a number of suits for damages brought by West side property owners against the city.  W??? Knight was at that time city engineer and had p?????? extension plans for grading many of teh West side streets. The property owners carried the controversy to the courts but lost every suit. Mr. Twitchell was one of the founders of Old Settlers and historical society. As delegate, he was in 1870 sent to the Republican national convention at Cincinnati. Mr. Twitchell had always been among the first citizens to advocate and aid important enterprises affecting the commercial growth and welfare of Kansas City. 
There will be a meeting of the Bar and association at 10 am on Tuesday in the court to take action on the death of Colonel Twitchell.
Colonel D S Twitchell, who died at his home in this city yesterday wa sone of the men who promoted the best interests of Kansas City during the period of foundation latying.  He was a public spirited citizen, a man of irreproachable integrity and a good lawyer. It is highly creditable to the Republican parts of ???? t??? that it frequently honored such a man with nominations for hhigh positions, several of which nominations resulted in elections. Colonel Twitchell continuously and consistently worked for movements designed to benefit the community.  His life was less active the past few years because of failing health.  His death is a reminder of the fact that the men who were pioneers of Kansas City and whose examples have been potential in its later development, are rapidly passing away.  The duty of maintaining public spirit and the obligation to advance the city to greater things have fallen on new shoulders. It is a privilege that should be cherished by every citizen to be identified with the life and progress of a municipality that is destined to become magnificent in proportions and power.
-- From Kansas City Star, 04-01-1901
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