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Student Profile
Bradley Martin Thompson
Class of: 1860

There are thousands of former students in the Law School of the University to whom the death of Professor Bradley M. Thompson, [18]58, [18]60l, which occurred Saturday, September 29, will come as a personal loss. For a quarter of a century before his retirement in 1912, he had occupied the position of Jay Professor of Law in the University and had witnessed a long procession of graduates, all his friends, pass out from the doors of the Law School. But his connection with the University went further than that for after his graduation from the Literary Department in [18]58, he became a member of the first class in the Law School to graduate, that of 1860.
Throughout his life he was an honored associate with the men who made the Law School and the University famous. He had the qualities which endeared him to his students to an unusual degree and for many years no reunion of the Law School was complete without a call for him to join in the festivities with his former students.

Before he came to the University he had a long and honorable professional career which dated from his graduation and included several terms as City Attorney, and a term as Mayor (1873-74) of Saginaw. He was also Mayor of Ann Arbor during the years of 1890 and 1891. Professor Thompson has a distinguished military record, serving for three years in the Union Army and advancing in that time from a First Lieutenancy in the 7th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry to a Brevet Lieutenant-Colonelcy, the commission he held when he was mustered out September 1, 1865. Professor Thompson is survived by his daughters, Mrs. F. N. Scott, ’84, and Mrs. E. E. Melendo, of Detroit. The memorial of the University Senate to Professor Thompson will be published in the next issue of THE ALUMNUS, in company with that to the late Charles A. Kent, of Detroit, Fletcher Professor of Law, from 1868 to 1886.
--From The Michigan Alumnus, Vol. 24, October 1917, p.5.
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