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History and Traditions
Student Profile
Harriet Ada Patton
Class of: 1872

Patton, Harriet Class of 1872
“The second person to graduate in law at Ann Arbor was Harriet A. Patton, of that city, in the class of 1872.  She was admitted to the bar, but has never practiced.”
--From “Women Lawyers in the United States” by Lelia J. Robinson, 2 Greenbag 10 (1890), p. 18
Harriet Patton was born August, 1840, in Michigan.  She was living with her family in Ann Arbor when she entered law school, a single woman. In 1880 was keeping house for elderly mother, who took in boarders.  In 1900 she lived in Ann Arbor with her sister; her occupation on the census of that year was listed as lawyer, indicating that she may have practiced later in life, but city directories around that time make no mention of an occupation in her listings.   She appears to have never married, and died sometime after 1920, when she was still living in Ann Arbor.   
 Research by Bobbie Snow
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