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Austin Cravath Hewett
Class of: 1860

Dr. Austin C. Hewett, 98 years old, a pioneer of the dental profession, died yesterday at the Presbyterian home, Evanston.  Dr. Hewett moved to Chicago about 1885 and opened an office in Adams street, near Loomis street, when Ashland avenue was one of the leading residential streets.  He retired from practice some twenty years ago and had lived at the Presbyterian home since April.
After he had received degrees in law and medicine, as well as in dentistry, from the University of Michigan, Dr. Hewett and two of his brothers opened offices as dentists in Peoria. Dr. Hewett was active in the Chicago Dental society and the Illinois State Dental society. He is declared to have been a leading figure in the establishment of dentistry as a profession in this section. He was regarded as particularly proficient in the use of chloroform when that was the principal anesthetic used by dentists.
Dr. Hewett is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Ettie Hewett Dement of Chicago.
Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at Hebblethwaite chapel, 1610 Maple street, Evanston. Burial will be at Rosehill.
--From Chicago Daily Tribune, July 2, 1925, pg. 12
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