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Graduates on the Michigan Supreme Court

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Adams, Clark Jayno (MLaw: 1927; On Court: 1952-1953 )More Info
Adams, Paul Lincoln (MLaw: 1936; On Court: 1962-1962 and 1964-1972 )More Info
Butzel, Henry M. (MLaw: 1892; On Court: 1929-1935 )More Info
Carpenter, William Leland (MLaw: 1878; On Court: 1902-1904 )More Info
Carr, Leland Walker (MLaw: 1906; On Court: 1941-1963 )More Info
Dethmers, John R. (MLaw: 1927; On Court: 1946-1970 )More Info
Fead, Louis Henry (MLaw: 1900; On Court: 1928-1937 )More Info
Fitzgerald, John Warner (MLaw: 1954; On Court: 1974-1982 )More Info
Griffin, Robert Paul (MLaw: 1950; On Court: 1987-1994 )More Info
Hooker, Frank Arthur (MLaw: 1865; On Court: 1893-1907 )More Info
Kuhn, Franz Christian (MLaw: 1894; On Court: 1912-1919 )More Info
Levin, Charles Leonard (MLaw: 1947; On Court: 1973-1996 )More Info
Lindemer, Lawrence B. (MLaw: 1948; On Court: 1975-1976 )More Info
Marston, Isaac (MLaw: 1861; On Court: 1875-1883 )More Info
McGrath, John Wesley (MLaw: 1868; On Court: 1891-1895 )More Info
McAlvay, Aaron Vance (MLaw: 1869; On Court: 1905-1915 )More Info
McDonald, John Samuel (MLaw: 1891; On Court: 1922-1933 )More Info
McAllister, Thomas F. (MLaw: 1921; On Court: 1938-1941 )More Info
Moody, Blair (MLaw: 1952; On Court: 1977-1982 )More Info
North, Walter Harper (MLaw: 1899; On Court: 1927-1952 )More Info
Ostrander, Russell Cowles (MLaw: 1876; On Court: 1905-1919 )More Info
Potter, William W. (MLaw: 1895; On Court: 1928-1940 )More Info
Snow, Ernest Albert (MLaw: 1896; On Court: 1926-1927 )More Info
Starr, Raymond Wesley (MLaw: 1910; On Court: 1941-1946 )More Info
Sharpe, Edward MacGlen (MLaw: 1914; On Court: 1934-1957 )More Info
Smith, Talbot (MLaw: 1934; On Court: 1955-1961 )More Info
Souris, Theodore (MLaw: 1949; On Court: 1960-1968 )More Info
Voelker, John D. (MLaw: 1928; On Court: 1956-1960 )More Info
Weadock, Thomas Addis Emmett (MLaw: 1873; On Court: 1933-1933 )More Info
Williams, G. Mennen (MLaw: 1936; On Court: 1971-1986 )More Info
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