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Miscellaneous Scholarships: Supplemental Sources of Financial Aid

Each listing has its own criteria but deadline dates, selection conditions, application processes, and other details change more quickly than we can update this page. Please contact each individual source for complete, up-to-date details.

AICPA John L. Carey Scholarships Program

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036-8775
Deadline: April 1
Website: AICPA John L. Carey Scholarships Program

Scholarships are available to all liberal-arts degree holders of any regionally accredited U.S. institution who wish to pursue a CPA certificate. Scholarships are given based on academic achievement, leadership, and future career interests and are contingent upon acceptance in a graduate accounting program. Each year, up to 10 recipients will be awarded $5,000 and will be eligible for renewal for one more year, provided satisfactory scholastic progress is maintained.

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan

Alumnae Council Scholarships
Office of Financial Aid, University of Michigan
2500 Student Activities Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

A variety of scholarships are available to U-M undergraduate and graduate students who have completed at least one term at U-M and are enrolled in a degree-granting program for the upcoming academic year. Selection will be based on academic achievement, demonstrated financial need, and involvement in the University community.

AAJ Law Student Scholarships​

777 6th Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001​
Deadline: Application cycle begins in February 2015
Website: AAJ Law Scholarships​

The American Association for Justice's (AAJ) offers more than $20,000 in annual scholarship funds, as well as programs for law students to enhance their legal education.

ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship

321 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 312.988.5667
Deadline: March 2
Website: ABA Legal Opportunity​

The American Bar Association is now accepting applications for the Legal Opportunity Scholarship. Applicants must be first-year law students in the 2015 academic school year and a citizen of the United States. 
This scholarship fund is intended to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to apply to and attend law school and to provide financial assistance to ensure that these students have the opportunity to attend law school for three years. The ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund will award $5,000 of financial assistance annually to each scholarship recipient attending an ABA-accredited law school. An award made to an entering first-year student may be renewable for two additional years, resulting in financial assistance totaling $15,000 during his or her time in law school.​


ALDF Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships

Attn: Nicole Pallotta
919 SW Taylor, 4th Floor
Portland, OR 97205
Fax: (503) 231-1578
Deadline: April 17
Website: ALDF Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships are available to law student members of our student chapters and will be awarded based upon demonstrated commitment to ALDF's mission, "to advance the interests and protect the lives of animals through the legal system." Applicants should be committed to the advancement of animal law through active involvement with their Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter while in law school and anticipated participation in the field after graduation.

American Association of Law Libraries

105 W. Adams Street, Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60603
Deadline: April 1
Website: American Association of Law Libraries

The American Association of Law Libraries awards scholarships to assist individuals in achieving their goal of becoming a law librarian. Evidence of financial need must be submitted. Further information and applications are available online.

American Law Institute - American Bar Association

Annual ALI-ABA Courses of Study
4025 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3099
Deadline: Varies
Website: American Law Institute - American Bar Association

 The ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education has approved a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to attend an ALI-ABA Course of Study. Unfortunately travel and on-site expenses will not be covered by ALI-ABA.


233 North Michigan Ave., 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60601-5809
Deadline: September 30

Scholarships of $1,000 to $2,500 are awarded to a credentialed medical record professional who is an active member of AHIMA, a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. and enrolled at least part-time.

Appelman Law Firm Criminal Defense Scholarship

4501 Minnetonka Boulevard, Suite 100
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Attn: Ryan McGinty
Deadline: May 31
Website: Appelman Law Firm Criminal Defense Scholarship

The Appelman Law Firm Criminal Defense Scholarship is designed to reward those who've made better choices after a conviction – those who have managed to turn their lives around and intend to pursue a career in criminal defense.

Aspiring Attorney Aid Scholarship​

Kraut Law Group
Deadline: May 31
Website: Aspiring Attorney Aid Scholarship

The Kraut Law Group invites students to apply for the Aspiring Attorney Aid Scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year. This is a one time scholarship of $500. To be eligible, student must be seeking a law oriented degree. The scholarship is judged primarily on a need basis, but does not exclude achievement standards.

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications

234 Outlet Pointe Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29210-5667
Deadline: Varies
Website: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications

A variety of resources are available to students who are undertaking a liberal arts program with demonstrated interest in journalism/mass communications.


705 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
Deadline: January 1

This year marks the first annual Avvo Scholars Circle and Scholarship Program. Avvo has created this program to help inspire future generations of lawyers to innovate and impact change in the industry and our local communities.

The program consists of two annual scholarships; one for JD Law Students and one for Undergraduate & Pre-Law Students, each with their own awards.


JD Law Students will have the opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship and be admitted to the newly-created Avvo Scholars Circle, Class of 2015.

Bell Law Group Disability Scholarship 

100 Quentin Roosevelt Boulevard, Suite 208
Garden City, NY 11530
ATTN: Jonathan Bell
Deadline: February 28
Website: Bell Law Group​

Bell Law Group has created this $1,000 scholarship to help raise awareness about mobility issues and educate employers and employees alike on the importance of reasonable accommodations.



  • Applicants must meet the following criteria
  • Applicant is currently enrolled at or accepted to a law school in the U.S.
  • Applicant is permanently confined to a wheelchair.
  • Applicant is willing to share his or her story with the general public. If applicant wishes to remain anonymous, all effort will be made to withhold the applicant’s identity and protect his or her anonymity.



  • A completed Scholarship Application Form.
  • A 1-3 page typed essay exploring mobility issues in the workplace and on campus, the struggles you’ve encountered with your disability and how you’ve overcome those difficulties.
  • An official copy of law school or undergrad college transcripts for all schools attended.
  • Documentation of your disability from a qualified medical professional.
  • Proof of Legal Residency in U.S. (i.e. birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, etc.)



  • The award recipient will be notified of selection on or about March 31st, 2015. This scholarship is to be used exclusively for law school tuition and related expenses. A check for $1,000 will be made payable to the award recipient’s education institution to cover these expenses and he or she is expected to submit receipts in accordance with IRS regulations.

Arthur Lockwood Beneventi Law Scholarship

 1207 Waggoner Dr
 Rushville, IN 46173
Deadline: February 10
The Arthur Lockwood Beneventi Law Scholarship is a one-time preferred amount $2,000 scholarship awarded to a student who is either enrolled in or attends an accredited law school and has a minimum GPA of 3.25. The scholarship is not automatically renewable; however, recipients may reapply for consideration each year.

Beta Theta Pi Scholarships

5134 Bonham Road
P.O. Box 6277
Oxford, OH 45056

Deadline: April 1
Website: Beta Theta Pi Scholarships


A variety of merit scholarships ranging from $350 to $2,150 are available to members of Beta Theta Pi. Applications are available in January.

Bond & Botes Financial Hardship Scholarship 

Bradford Botes
Bond & Botes, PC
600 University Park Place, Suite 510
Birmingham, AL 35209
Deadline: July 20

The $2,000 Financial Hardship Scholarship is open to any U.S. citizen attending the first year of law school this fall, with an undergraduate cumulative GPA at or above 3.0. Applicants are asked to submit a short essay describing how they have overcome financial difficulties in their lives.

The application submission deadline is July 20, and a copy of an acceptance letter from an accredited U.S. Law School must accompany the application. The scholarship will be awarded in mid-August, with payment made directly to the student's school, to be applied to tuition.

The Child Care Subsidy Program

University of Michigan
Office of Financial Aid
2500 Student Activities Bldg.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316
Deadline: Students who apply after March 15th for Spring/Summer and April 30th for Fall/Winter may be denied funding if all funds have been committed to applicants who applied earlier.
Website: The Child Care Subsidy Program

The Child Care Subsidy Program provides funds to students with children to assist them in meeting the cost of licensed child care. Priority for funds will be given to students with the greatest financial need. Information and applications are available at The Child Care Subsidy Program link above.

Civitan International Foundation

P.O. Box 130744
Birmingham, AL 35213-0744
Deadline: January 31
Website: Civitan International Foundation

Awards of $1,000 are given to students pursuing careers which help further the ideals and purposes of Civitan International. Candidates must be a Civitan, Campus Civitan or Junior Civitan and must have been a member for at least two years.

CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship​

57 East 11th Street 8th Floor 
New York, NY 10003
Deadline: April 30
Website: Coursehorse Scholarship

Every year the CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship recognizes students who value education and aspire towards lifelong learning. Our mission is to facilitate learning opportunities for everyone, to increase ease and confidence in discovering one's path to personal enrichment. We are looking for students who are passionate about learning and will never stop discovering. The CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship applicable to the 2015 Fall semester. Students who will attend or are attending a college in the U.S. and are 25 years of age and younger are eligible to enter. Applicants must submit a one page document or video describing a topic you're passionate about learning.

Farzad Family Law Scholarship

Farzad Family Law, APC
1851 East 1st Street, #1150
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Deadline: December 15
Website: Farzad Family Law Scholarship

This scholarship is available to all pre-law and law students who are currently admitted to and attending an undergraduate degree program in pre-law at an accredited American university or college or are admitted to and attending a state accredited law school.

Scholarship Award: $3,000

The Federal Circuit Bar Association

1620 I Street, NW
Suite 801
Washington, DC 20006
Deadline: The application process is open from April 1 - April 15.
Website: The Federal Circuit Bar Association

A variety of scholarships are available to law students who have a potential interest in legal issues that may be appealed to the Federal Circuit. Awards range from $5,000 to $10,000. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, academic promise, and service, either in undergraduate studies or in law school. Only one application is required.

Federal Communications Bar Association Foundation

Law School Scholarship Program
Sara Leibman, FCBA Foundation
1020 19th Street, NW Suite 325
Washington, DC 20036
Deadline: Applications will become available December 2014
Website: Federal Communications Bar Association Foundation

During its FY 2014, the FCBA Foundation will award scholarships to law students in their second and third years of study who are attending any accredited law school in the United States. Competitive awards will be based upon the financial need of the applicant, and may range from $2,500 to $10,000 annually.

Applicant Selection:
This is both a merit and needs-based scholarship. Applicants must demonstrate strength of character, superior academic achievement, and a strong interest in pursuing a career in communications law. Applicants will be selected on the basis of: (1) a demonstrated interest in the communications law field; (2) dependence on financial assistance in order to attend law school; and (3) their law school record.

Finlandia Foundation Trust

P.O. Box 92298
Pasadena, CA 91109-2298
Deadline: February 2
Website: Finlandia Foundation Trust

Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students of all academic disciplines enrolled in an accredited post-secondary school in the United States and Finland. Scholarship applications can be downloaded from the Finlandia Foundation Trust website.

Fisher & Talwar Legal Inspiration Scholarship

Attn: Scholarship Manager
801 S Grand Ave, 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 902 90017
Deadline: December 1
Website: Fisher & Talwar Legal Inspiration Scholarship

The Fisher &Talwar $1,000 Legal Inspiration Scholarship is now available to students currently pursuing or plan on pursuing a career in law. This scholarship is available to students who are pursuing​ a career in law ( graduate or undergraduate)


  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Must be a full-time student who is currently attending (or planning to attend full-time) an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Must provide proof of current enrollment or plans to enroll in an accredited institution of higher education. If you have not received acceptance, you may still apply, but be sure to provide proof of acceptance and enrollment for the scholarship to be released.
  • Must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Trust
3e King's Parade
Cambridge CB2 1SJ
United Kingdom
Deadline: US Citizens: Applications will be available September 2015
Website: The Gates Cambridge Scholarships


Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students from outside the United Kingdom to study at the University of Cambridge. Students who gain admission to the University of Cambridge are eligible to apply. These scholarships will cover the costs of studying at Cambridge.

George H. Nofer Scholarship for Law and Public Policy

3417 Volta Place NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202.337.5220
Deadline: April 22
Website: George H. Nofer Scholarship​

The George H. Nofer Scholarship for Law and Public Policy is for full-time graduate students with a pre-lingual bilateral hearing loss in the moderately-severe to profound range, use listening and spoken language as their primary method of communication, and who are attending an accredited mainstream law school. Up to three awards of up to $5,000 each may be awarded per year.


Health Care Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan - Law School Academic Achievement Award

The Health Care Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan is pleased to announce the creation of the Law School Academic Achievement Award Program. Through this program, the Section will award $1,500 to an eligible law student.

The purposes of the Program are:

  • To recognize outstanding academic performance by law students in the field of healthcare law
  • To increase membership in the State Bar of Michigan and the Section by increasing law student awareness of the Section
  • To develop potential future leaders in the Section
  • To induce outstanding law students to practice law in Michigan and join the Section upon their admission to the State Bar of Michigan
  • To aid in deferring the cost of obtaining a legal education in Michigan through the award of a prize
  • To increase awareness and perception of the Section with law students, the members of the State Bar of Michigan and the general public by setting an example of philanthropic leadership and support for outstanding academic achievement.

The Section sets forth the following requirements by which the recipient law school must abide to be eligible for receipt of the award:

  • The student winner of the award must be someone who has made a commitment to remain in Michigan following graduation and intends to sit for the Michigan Bar Exam
  • The student winner must attend a ceremony designated by the Section for the purpose of being presented with the award, which the Section will endeavor to make concurrent with the Section's annual meeting so as to further expose the students to the practice of healthcare law

To apply, please email the Michigan Law Financial Aid office: to inquire.

Deadline: June 30

Institute for Research on Women and Gender

See: Fellowships

Kiwanis Club International

See: Miscellaneous Loan Programs

Labor Union Scholarships

Students whose parents are members of unions should investigate the possibility of obtaining financial assistance through a local or regional union scholarship program. Local union officials will be able to provide further details.

Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies

Hillary Caffarone
Deadline: Applications will be available Spring 2015
Website: Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies

The Michael Weiner Scholarship was created by all Major League baseball players through the Major League Baseball Players Trust and seeks to recognize and support the efforts of graduate and/or law school students dedicated to improving the lives of workers, by awarding up to five $10,000 scholarships annually. To be eligible for an award, individuals must be graduate or law school students in an accredited educational institution in the United States or Canada and must have a demonstrated interest in, and wish to make a career out of, working in the labor movement and on behalf of workers' rights

Ruritan National Foundation Scholarship

P.O. Box 487
Dublin, VA 24084
Deadline: April 1
Website: Ruritan National Foundation Scholarship

The purpose of the Ruritan National Foundation is to manage and maintain a trust for the encouragement​, promotion, and financing of the charitable, educational, and benevolent principles and activities of the Ruritan Clubs. The Ruritan National Foundation Educational Grant is a program to assist young men and women in securing formal training beyond high school. Recipients are chosen on the basis of financial need, character, scholarship, and academic promise and desire.

Sidley Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

c/o Jennifer Connelly
Sidley Austin LLP
One South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60603
Website: Sidley Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

​Sidley Austin LLP has been one of the most prominent and progressive proponents of law firm diversity. Sidley's mission is to attract and retain outstanding lawyers of varied backgrounds who reflect the global marketplace that Sidley serves. Through the leadership of its Diversity Committee and Committee on Retention and Promotion of Women, Sidley aspires to make sustainable progress in its journey toward becoming a more diverse organization. To further promote diversity within the legal profession and within the firm, Sidley offers a Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Initiative for Second Year Law Students. Sidley will grant a $20,000 Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship to a limited number of deserving second year law students who join Sidley's summer program. 

J.D. Sinnock Scholarship

Deadline: May 31
Website: J.D. Sinnock Scholarship

John David (J.D.) Sinnock received his juris doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in May 1989. In October of that year, a tragic automobile accident took his life. The other driver involved was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.

In 1990, J.D.'s friends and family established a scholarship fund in his name as a tribute to his life and to honor his memory. The law school scholarship is one of three awarded annually. The other two are conferred upon students at J.D.'s high school and undergraduate alma maters. The scholarships are administered through the national headquarters of J.D.'s college fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega (ATO).

J.D.'s family makes the final decision regarding the recipient considering each applicant's scholarship, extra-curricular activities and character. The scholarship is awarded to a student who displays many of the same qualities that J.D. exemplified: intelligence, leadership, generosity and kindness.

Requirements: All second year law students at University of Michigan are eligible to apply.


Steve Fetter

The Ted St. Antoine Commemorative Scholarship seeks to recognize second-year University of Michigan Law students who, notwithstanding their academic standing in the middle of their class, hold out great promise of being beneficial contributors to the legal community or society as a whole, based upon their activities both in and out of the classroom. The scholarship will award $500 to help cover the cost of their third year at the University of Michigan Law School.

Interested students should obtain and submit an application at the U of M Law School Financial Aid Office, 2200 South Hall.

Finalists may be invited for an interview.

Deadline: April 10

Telluride House
Deadline: Varies
Website: Telluride House

Telluride House is a merit-based residential fellowship committed to establishing a vibrant community supporting democratic ideals of self-governance, a stimulating intellectual environment, and a commitment to public service. Housemembers (all on room and board scholarship at the House) range from freshman to Ph.D students, and are joined in residence by faculty fellows from several fields. By living with a commitment to our self-governing community, Telluride House strives to foster the moral and intellectual growth of its members. Past winners of the Telluride fellowship include a diverse set of luminaries such as philosopher Francis Fukuyama, postmodern scholar Gayatri Spivak, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, and several Nobel Prize winners including Steven Weinberg, Linus Pauling, and Richard Feynman. For more information, please see our website: 

Wolverine Bar Association

See: Minority: General

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