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Frequently Asked Questions: Prospective Students

Applying for Financial Aid

What types of financial aid can I apply for?

How do I apply for financial aid?

When do I apply for financial aid?

Is there a financial aid deadline for first-year law students?

When will I receive my award letter?

Am I at a disadvantage because I was admitted late in the spring or during the summer?

Do I have to include parental information with my financial aid application?

Am I required to submit my tax return to your office?

Am I required to apply for financial aid each year?

Under what circumstances might my financial aid award change in future years?


Additional Loans

How do I pay for law school if the financial aid that was offered to me does not cover my cost of attendance?

Should I borrow federal Grad PLUS or private loans?


Computer Loans

Are computer loans available?



Do you offer any merit-based scholarships?

Where can I find information on outside scholarships?



When is tuition due?

What forms of payment are acceptable?



When will I receive my financial aid disbursement?

How will I receive my refund?


Non-U.S. Citizen JD Students

What types of financial aid are available for non-U.S. citizen JD students?


Transfer Students

What types of financial aid are available for transfer students?


Paying Back Loans

Does Michigan Law offer assistance to graduates who choose modest-paying employment after graduation?

How does the federal government's loan repayment assistance program work?

What types of loans should I borrow if I might need loan repayment assistance after I graduate?

I have read about these programs, but I'm still confused?

Do I have to make payments on my loans while I'm in school?

What if I can't find a job right away?