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The University of Michigan Law School

         The University of Michigan Law School

 OPIS 1L Jobs Night


Date: 10/11/2017
Time: 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM
Contact: Nagel,Caleb L

Location: Hutchins Hall 100 Hutchins Hall 116 Hutchins Hall 120 Hutchins Hall 132 Hutchins Hall 218 Hutchins Hall 220 Hutchins Hall 250

Description: OPIS presents 1L Jobs Night, where 2L and 3L panelists explain what jobs in different public interest fields are like, and how to get them. Including panels on Civil Rights, Public Defense & Prosecution, Environmental Law, Judicial Internships, Family and Child Advocacy & Legal Aid, Immigration & Human Rights, and Executive Agencies, Regulatory Law, and Policy/Employment Law.