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European University Institute, Florence

The Law School offers a semester study abroad opportunity for our students at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence for up to two students in the Fall term.

The EUI opportunity is for Michigan law students with a record of strong academic performance to pursue a specific EU related research project at the premier research institution for European Union law in Europe. The EUI is a graduate institution that brings together a select group of distinguished faculty and outstanding students from all over Europe. The Institute does not generally offer introductory lectures, and, therefore, basic knowledge of European Union law is a prerequisite for Michigan law students wishing to pursue semester study abroad at EUI. Interested applicants must have completed a course on European Union law prior to their semester abroad at EUI. EUI offers seminars in which students are expected to contribute substantially to the discussion. Apart from attending seminars, all students pursue independent research projects.

The main working language of the Institute is English although linguistic diversity is encouraged.

Interested students must comply with the General Guidelines for Semester Legal Studies Abroad [PDF], which contain important information, including how to apply. Please also read the Guidelines for Semester Study Abroad at the European University Institute, Florence [PDF].