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Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit

Cape Town

The Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit (GHJ) is a research and training unit based at the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town. Its work focuses on issues of social context and diversity in the administration of justice, and in particular in the magistrates' courts. In both its training and research, GHJ addresses problems of bias in judicial decision-making and attempts to provide an understanding of the complexity of dispensing justice in a diverse society, which is undergoing transformation.

GHJ works closely with a variety of organizations and individuals involved in the administration of justice, including Justice College (the official judicial training institute) and the Judicial Officers Association of South Africa (the magistrates' association). One of GHJ's primary goals is to equip magistrates to deal with the diversity of South African society and to hand down judgments that are fair and appropriate to the real conditions in which the people who appear before them live.

An extern at GHJ may be involved in research and materials development in a specific area, and may also have a chance to join in on a training program. Work areas have included helping deaf people in the courts, court access for the disabled, HIV/AIDS projects, and Judicial Ethics projects.

Externs need to work independently, as the pace can be quite fast.

Specific Required Skill
In addition to the skills utilized at all South Africa placements, this site specifically requires a student to be proficient in:

  • Professional collaboration.
  • Lobbying.
  • Policy development.

For more information about the Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit, please visit their website.