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Law School Academic Calendar

The Law School Calendar differs in a number of ways from the University Calendar. Make up classes may be held at the professor's discretion to replace sessions missed due to holidays, examinations, or for other reasons.


* On Tuesday, following Fall Recess, classes will meet according to the Monday Fall Term schedule (not applicable in Fall Term 2020).

** On the first Wednesday of the Winter term, classes will meet according to the Monday Winter Term schedule.

Grades are posted on a rolling basis to transcripts. All grades are ordinarily released within one week after the professors' grading deadline.

Winter Term 2020

​Classes Begin**
​January 15, Wednesday
​Martin Luther King Day Observance
(classes suspended for special programs)
​January 20, Monday
Registration and Drop/Add Ends
​January 23, Thursday
​Winter Recess Begins
​February 29, Saturday
​Classes Resume
​March 9, Monday
Last Day of Classes
​April 23, Thursday
​Study Days
​April 24-27, Friday-Monday
​Examinations Begin
​April 28, Tuesday
​Examinations End
​May 7, Thursday
​Law School Senior Day
​May 8, Friday
​W20 Grades Posted on Transcripts
​(by no later than) June 11, Thursday


Classes Begin
May 18, Monday
Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)May 25, Monday
Registration and Drop/Add End (for full-term classes)June 1, Monday
Independence Day Holiday (no classes)July 3, Friday
Classes End
August 5, Wednesday
Study Day
August 6, Thursday
August 7, Friday
Grading DeadlineAugust 21, Friday

Fall Term 2020

​Orientation Week
​August 24-28, Monday-Friday
​Classes Begin
​August 31, Monday
​Labor Day Holiday (No Classes)
​September 7, Monday
​Registration and Drop/Add Ends
​September 8, Tuesday
​Monday Classes Meet
​September 12, Saturday
​Thursday Classes Meet
October 18, Sunday
​Friday Classes Meet
​November 1, Sunday
​Last Class Day (In-Person)
​November 20, Friday
​Classes Meet Online Only
​November 23-25, Monday-Wednesday
​Thanksgiving Recess (No Classes)
​November 26-27, Thursday-Friday
​Study Days
​November 28-December 1, Saturday-Tuesday
​Examinations Begin
​December 2, Wednesday
​Examinations End
​December 11, Friday
​Grades Due (Faculty)
​December 30, Wednesday
Grades Posted to Transcript-Deadline (Registrar)January 6, Wednesday
P/F Elections Deadline
January 13, Wednesday

Winter Term 2021

​Classes Begin
​January 19, Tuesday
Registration and Drop/Add Ends
​January 27, Wednesday
Classes End
​April 19, Monday
​Study Days
​April 20-23, Tuesday-Friday
​Examinations Begin
​April 26, Monday
​Examinations End
May 5, Wednesday
​Law School Senior Day
May 7, Friday
​Grades Due (Faculty)June 4, Friday
Grades Posted to Transcript-Deadline (Registrar)June 11, Friday

​P/F Election Deadline
June 18, Friday


Classes Begin (Session One)TBD
Registration and Drop/Add End (for Session One classes)TBD
Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)May 31, Monday
Registration and Drop/Add End (for full-term classes)TBD
Classes End (Session One)TBD
Study Day (Session One)TBD
Examinations (Session One)TBD
Classes Begin (Session Two)TBD
Registration and Drop/Add End (for Session Two classes)TBD
Session One Grading DeadlineTBD
Independence Day Holiday (no classes)July 5, Monday
Classes End (Session Two)TBD
Study Day (Session Two)TBD
Examinations (Session Two)TBD
Classes Begin (Session Three)TBD
Registration and Drop/Add End (for Session Three classes)TBD
Session Two Grading DeadlineTBD
Break (no classes)TBD
Classes End (Session Three)TBD
Study Day (Session Three)TBD
Examinations (Session Three)TBD
Session Three Grading DeadlineTBD

Fall Term 2021

​Orientation Week
​August 23-27, Monday-Friday
​Classes Begin
​August 30, Monday
​Labor Day Holiday (No Classes)
​September 6, Monday
​Registration and Drop/Add Ends
​September 7, Tuesday
​Fall Recess Begins
​October 16, Saturday
​Classes Resume*
​October 19, Tuesday
​Thanksgiving Recess (No Classes)
​November 24-26, Wednesday-Friday
​Classes Resume
​November 29, Monday
​Classes End
​December 3, Friday
​Study Days
​December 4 - 7, Saturday - Tuesday
​Examinations Begin
​December 8, Wednesday
​Examinations End
​December 17, Friday
​Grades Due (Faculty)
​January 14, Friday
Grades Posted to Transcript-Deadline (Registrar)January 21, Friday
P/F Elections Deadline
January 28, Friday