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Safety and Security

Ann Arbor is a city of more than 100,000, and, like other cities, unfortunately suffers instances of robberies, sexual assaults, and other violent and non-violent crimes. At the Law School itself and in nearby areas, there have been reports of assault, indecent exposure, robbery, stalking and harassment, stolen property, vandalism and voyeurism.

The Law School Administration takes such matters seriously and makes every attempt to consult with the University Police (Department of Public Safety (DPS)) and the Ann Arbor Police Department and to disseminate information to the Law School community as appropriate.

reporting policy

All members of our community should feel comfortable reporting suspected criminal activity when they observe it. You should act immediately if you suspect abuse or other crimes, or where you find yourself either a victim of or a witness to questionable activity. Retaliation for making a report is never acceptable, and reporting suspected wrongdoing will never result in reprisal. 

Emergency Assistance

If emergency assistance is needed or a crime is in progress, dial 911 for emergency response.

Non-Emergency Assistance

For non-emergency situations, call the UM Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) at 734.763.1131. Public safety professionals can help assess the situation and determine what other notification or action is necessary.

Other Information

Information on potential criminal activity may also be reported anonymously by calling the University's Anonymous Tip Line at 800.863.1355.

Some University community members are considered "Campus Security Authorities" under the Clery Act, or "Responsible Employees" under Title IX, and therefore have additional reporting obligations for certain crimes. For more information on the Clery Act, contact your campus public safety unit. For information on Title IX reporting, contact your campus Title IX coordinator in Human Resources.

University community members who believe they have witnesses financial, regulatory, NCAA, or patient safety wrongdoing in the course of their daily activities at the University can also report the situation confidentially or anonymously through the University's compliance website.

Sources of Information Concerning Safety and Security

The University of Michigan Police Web site contains information about recent crimes and other security and safety related incidents that have occurred in the University community, as well as contact information.

As appropriate, the administration will disseminate information concerning safety and security on the Law School campus to all students via e-mail, MLaw Live, or posted notices. In an emergency, or if you witness a theft or other crime on campus, please contact DPS immediately by dialing 911. After you contact DPS about any such incident, or if you learn about any incident that has already occurred and which may pose an ongoing safety or security threat to members of the Law School community, please report it to the Office of Student Life.

Annual UM Security Report
The University of Michigan Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report is an excellent resource for issues of campus safety, including emergency services, safety tips, University policies and state laws, and additional support services. This publication includes the Annual Fire Safety Report regarding fire safety in on-campus housing, confidential crime reporting, missing student notification protocol, and a summary of the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The publication also includes three-year statistics of reported crime, including bias-motivated crimes, on the Ann Arbor campus and adjoining properties in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. Additional safety and security information, including crime alerts and daily crime briefings, can be viewed on the DPS Web site. If you have any questions, you can reach the UM DPSS at 734.763.3434.