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Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners, and Fax Machines

Copiers in the Law Library use photocopy cards instead of coins. The reusable cards are free, and are available in boxes on the top of the card encoder machines located by the copiers on Sub-1 and Sub-2. Value may be added to the cards in $1, $5, $10, and $20 increments.

Both of the public copiers allow you to scan to USB Flash drives and to email. In addition, there is a color flatbed scanner available in the Computer Lab on Sub-3. This scanner is attached to a computer with graphic editing software. Instructions for use are available at each machine. You can also ask at the Circulation Desk if you have any questions. Scans are free; copies are 10ยข a page, payable with the photocopy cards.

There are four copiers in the Law Library:
- 1 copier on S-1 (behind the reference desk)
- 1 copier and 1 scanner on S-2 (both located in S-236, Copy Room; 1 scans to a USB flash drive)
- 1 scanner (on the student printer - Law-Lab-Konica652B; sends scans through email)

Download a map of library copier and scanner locations here. For the full details about copiers in the library, including locations, cost, copier functions, etc., see Using the Photocopiers.

Laptop Printing
For Laptop printing at the Law School, please see the information on the Information Technology web page.

You will find a list of student computing resources here.

At this time color printing in the Law School is not available to students. The closest color printer to the Law School is located in the Campus Computing Sites computer lab in Angel Hall.

See the Law School printing policy for more information about printing at the Law School.

The five scanners, and their locations, listed below are available for use at no cost: 

 Library "public" machines Location 
 Copier/Scanner/Printer 1 Library Sub-1 - behind the Reference Desk 
 Copier/Scanner 2 Library Sub-2 - S-236 Copy Room 
 Law Student multifunction machines  
 Law-LR1-Alcove-Konica652 Legal Research 1st Floor alcove 
 Law-CALR-Konica652A Library Sub-2 - S-236 Copy Room 
 Law-Lab-Konica652B Library Sub-3 - Computer Lab 

Fax Machines
There is one fax machine in the Office of Career Planning, 1100 South Hall. They will allow students who need to fax employment-related documents to use the fax machine in their office.

Fax machines are located in the SORC office. Kolossos Printing will send faxes for a fee.