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Personal Information 

Students may update their address and phone information on Wolverine Access. Please be advised that this information may be available to the university community and others in the UM Online Directory.

The U-M Online Directory is an online database of faculty, staff, students, alumni and groups. Each member of the U-M community has an entry in the directory. Student Information in the U-M Online Directory is updated monthly from the University's Office of the Registrar. You may use this directory to locate the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of members of the University community. The directory is protected so that it cannot be used to produce mass mailing lists, but the information is otherwise publicly available to anyone with web access.

In addition to the information obtained from the Registrar's database, you can add other information about yourself to the directory. For instance, your e-mail address, fax phone number, a second campus address or phone number, or a short description. Having information about yourself in the directory makes it easier for individuals on campus and around the world to communicate with you. Using this directory, your colleagues and friends can find your e-mail address or telephone number. 

Removing your name from the Online Directory
If you do NOT want to be listed in the U-M Online Directory, you have two choices: 1. Update your directory information online. Information about changing your entry is available in the online document, The U-M Online Directory via the WEB: Finding and Changing Your Personal Entry (S4276). 2. Fill out a Non-Disclosure of Information Request at a Registrar's Office Student Services Site. This will prevent the information from being published in the directory. Please be advised that updates from the Office of the Registrar to the directory occur monthly in batch. For more details regarding the U-M Online Directory, please call the ITCS consultants at (734) 764-HELP.

Personal Information Changes
To request a name change or correction, students can send or fax a signed letter requesting the change along with a photocopy of a legal document (marriage license,driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, etc.) with their name spelled correctly. Send the request to: Student Services Office of the Registrar University of Michigan 1210 LS&A Building 500 S. State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382 or fax the request to: 734.763.9053.

Students can also stop into a Student Services site with picture ID and the Social Security card or passport and fill out a change request form.