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Health Services and Insurance

University Health Service at the University of Michigan, located on central campus, offers comprehensive outpatient medical services. In addition to primary medical care, UHS offers a wide variety of specialty clinics, health support services and health education materials.

Currently enrolled University of Michigan students, UM alumni, faculty, staff and spouses, domestic partners and dependents (10 years and older) are eligible for services at UHS.

Most currently enrolled UM students pay a health service fee as part of tuition. This fee covers many services at UHS. Therefore, currently enrolled UM students will have few out-of-pocket expenses for UHS services. Also, students covered under managed care (HMO) insurance programs are able to receive services at UHS without a referral from their primary care physician.

Examples of services that are not covered are: medications (both prescription and non-prescription), routine optometric care and immunizations. Also, costs for medical care received at a facility other than UHS are not covered by the health service fee and are the patient’s responsibility. The health service fee covers services at UHS for approximately one week before and two weeks after the term, which are called grace periods. Grace periods vary by school and differ each year, so please contact UHS Managed Care and Student Insurance at (734) 764-5182 or toll-free (866) 368-0002 for specific dates for the Law School.

For information about who can use UHS, call the UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office at (734) 764-5182 or toll-free (866) 368-0002.

For information about fees, payment options and insurance billing, call the UHS Business Office at (734) 764-7380.

Dental Services
The School of Dentistry at the University of Michigan offers a wide variety of services to the public as part of its educational commitment to good oral health and quality dental care in the community and state. The School of Dentistry also offers services at reasonable costs. For appointment and contact information, please visit their Web page.

The Dental Faculty Associates is a private practice setting within the School of Dentistry where patients are treated exclusively by faculty dentists. The Dental Faculty Associates offer a full range of dental services. For appointments and information, call 764-3155.

Private health insurance is strongly encouraged for all students to cover the cost of services not provided at UHS (for example, ambulance, emergency room visits, dental care, or hospitalization). International students and their families are required by the University to have private health insurance.

Students with no health insurance coverage, or those in need of supplemental insurance, can purchase the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan endorsed by the Michigan Student Assembly. Information about this plan is provided to all students at the beginning of their first semester and the Law School’s Office of Student Life can provide some assistance with health insurance questions. Aetna also offers a “Vital Savings Discount Program”, an optional dental program, at additional cost.

A summary of the insurance plan is available from the UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office. You can also call UHS at (734) 764-5182 or toll-free at (866) 368-0002 for assistance with processing claims, obtaining benefits, billing and processing services, and explanation of insurance benefits.