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Libraries and Study Facilities

The Law Library provides quiet study space, course reserves, copy machines, books and computers you will need to do Legal Practice Program assignments, an online catalog and other electronic resources, as well as staff to help you. The Reference/Information Desk is staffed by professional librarians with law degrees and by law students from 9:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.  

The Law Library audio tours are one of the best ways for new law students to learn to use the Law Library. Please visit the Law Library's Web site for information on these tours. The Orientation Tour is a guide to the most important locations in the library, and it describes major reference and circulation services. You can also learn how to use several essential legal research tools with the Law Library's online tutorials

For full information on all of the Law Library's services, including course reserves, inter-library loans, reserving study rooms in the library and much more, visit their Web site.

Other libraries and Study Areas
Some students find that studying at other libraries provides a pleasant change of pace from the Law Quadrangle. Favorite places to read or study are listed below.

The Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library (734.764.0400) is the largest library in the University’s library system. It houses the public catalog, which includes publications available in most of the campus libraries. Law students appreciate its proximity, quiet, abundance of study carrels, and reading room updated with good indirect overhead lighting.

The Shapiro Undergraduate Library (734.764.7490) provides a lobby, has a coffee lounge, and is occasionally quiet on the upper floors. You may also relax to music with headphones in its music room.

The Clements Library (734.764.2347) is conveniently located on South University next to the President’s house. It is one of the older, more luxurious University buildings with posh seating and an Early American theme.

The Michigan League (734.647.5343) offers a peaceful courtyard garden, a cafe and several fast food restaurants, wireless connectivity throughout the building and several computer stations on the main level.

Hutchins Hall rooms may be reserved for study groups through the on-line Room Reeservation system. (Select "Event Reservations".)

The Lawyers Club Lounge is used primarily for quiet study. However, scheduled events are held in the lounge throughout the year which temporarily interrupt use of the room for study. The Lawyers Club main desk schedules these events. It can also schedule study groups in the Faculty Dining Room during exams.