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Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are distributed electronically through CTools during the final days of class each semester. Most professors set aside time during one of the final class sessions to enable students to fill out evaluation forms for their classes on their laptops.

All evaluation data is stored anonymously, and no identifying information is ever seen by the professors. Statistical results and student comments are distributed to professors after they have submitted final grades to the Office of Student Records. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs receives and reviews copies of all evaluation results.

Students may view copies of the statistical results by sending an email request to the Office of Student Records. The request must include the course number, instructor, and the terms in which the course was taught. Your request will be processed within 2 business days from when it is received and a notification email will be sent when the results are ready for viewing. Results can only be accessed in-person in the Office of Student Records (416HH).