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Class Recording Policy & Procedure
(effective September 2012)

Accreditation standards, bar admission rules, and the Law School's Academic Regulations require regular class attendance. However, on the rare occasion when a student is compelled to miss class, the student may make arrangements to have class sessions recorded for personal use according to the following procedure:

1. Applicability of policy: This Policy does not cover recording first-year classes for religious observance of major holidays (e.g. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Eid Al-Fitr, Good Friday, Passover), which the Office of Student Life manages. To request class recordings for classes missed due to major religious holiday observances, first-year students should follow the procedure announced on M Law Live (and not this policy) before each religious holiday.

The Student Life Office does not arrange for the recording of upper-level classes on major religious holidays or of any classes on other religious holidays that are not widely observed. Upper-class students who wish to have classes recorded on major religious holidays and first-year students who wish to have classes recorded on other religious holidays should follow the procedure set out in this Policy.

2. The student must obtain permission from any professor whose class she wishes to have recorded. Permission to record is granted entirely at the discretion of the professor. Note that a number of professors do not allow their classes to be recorded at all. Regardless of whether the student intends to use her own recorder, another non–Law School recorder, or a Law School recorder as described below, she must clear that with the professor. If the professor approves use of a non–Law School recorder, then the student will make her own arrangements to acquire such a recorder.

3. A student may request the use of a Law School recorder if she is compelled to be absent for up to three days. If a student needs to request recordings for more than three days, he should go to the Office of Student Life to speak with one of the Assistant Deans.

4. The requesting student is required to make arrangements with a classmate to record a class for her.

5. The requesting student must complete an online Class Recording Request Form, indicating the date she is requesting class to be recorded, the specific class to be recorded, her reason for missing class, verification that she has received permission from her professor, and the name and email address of the student who will make the recording. The requesting student must complete a separate request form for each individual class session to be recorded.

6. When the Class Recording Request Form is submitted, the requesting student, his professor, the recording student, and the Law Library will each receive an email copy of the request.

7. The recording student must check out the recorder from the Law Library Circulation Desk on Sub-2 of the underground law Library. The Circulation Desk will also give the recording student a printed copy of the completed request form; this form must remain with the recorder.

8. After recording the class, the recording student will return the recorder to the Law Library Circulation Desk on Sub-2 of the underground Law Library. The recording student must return the recorder to the Circulation Desk as soon as possible after the class has been recorded in order to maximize the availability of recorders.

9. Upon return of the recorder, a LawIT staff member will upload the digital file to the Web server. The recording will be accessible to the requesting student only in streaming format, which cannot be downloaded or saved. An email notification will be sent to the requesting student to notify her that the recording is ready, usually within 24 hours of receiving the recording.

10. If a student cannot make arrangements to request a class recording herself, e.g. in the event of a sudden emergency, she should contact the Office of Student Life (734.764.0516), which will try to assist with the recording request process.  However it may not be possible to fulfill the request for some classes under these circumstances.

11. Class recordings are exclusively for the use of the requesting student and may not be shared with other students, unless expressly approved by the professor(s) whose classes were recorded.

Click this link to access the Class Recording Request Form.