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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alchohol and Other Drugs

University of Michigan Resources
UM has several resources available to students who have concerns related to alcohol and other drugs:

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program (AODPP)
The AODPP is a student-centered program that uses strategic interventions, collaboration and innovation to reduce the harmful consequences of alcohol and other drug use. Call 734-615-7694 for information.

BASICS is a two-session alcohol assessment and education program offered free to all University of Michigan students through University Health Services. This program is designed to assist students in examining their own drinking behavior in a judgment-free environment. The goals are selected by the student and aimed at reducing risky behaviors and harmful consequences of drinking.

Collegiate Recovery Program
Students who find themselves struggling with addiction can find peer support through the Collegiate Recovery Program, an organization affiliated with the University Health System, that supports people in their recovery efforts.

MHealthy Alcohol Management Program
The Alcohol Management Program (AMP) is a brief, confidential health education program for people who could improve their health by drinking less alcohol or none at all. The AMP is geared toward those with mild to moderate alcohol problems who want to eliminate the negative consequences of their drinking.

Stay in the Blue
University Health Services has just launched its "Stay in the Blue" app, created by students for students and as part of the Stay in the Blue campaign.

Some of the unique features of this app are:
1) Customized estimation of blood alcohol concentration
2) Links to local cabs appear on every screen and automatically alert anytime estimated BAC is over .08
3) A live feed about all the fun things to do in Ann Arbor/UM .
4) The list of alcohol drinks included are from local bars so students can better understand BAC implications  in each type of drink ( i.e.  a Long Island Ice Tea is not considered one drink )
5) A link for all the laws, polices and ordinances related to alcohol use at UM/Ann Arbor/Michigan
6) Desmond Howard is helping us promote this app as a tool to help football Saturdays stay safe and fun for everyone. You can watch his video clip
here (please feel free to add this link to your social media or website!).
7) It is FREE!

As an added bonus we will be drawing 2 sets of UM/ND suite tickets, and 1 set for the UM Homecoming game for students that download the app.  There is a contest page on the app itself (only UM students are eligible for the prize drawing--but anyone can download the app!).

To download the app you just need to go to the App store and search Stay in the Blue. There will be version available for the Android platform in the next couple weeks.

University Health Service
University Health Service has put together a Web page listing online assessments and screenings, counseling and treatment options, recovery support referrals and ways to help friends as well as many other resources. You can access that page here.

Information about alcohol and other drug health concerns, educational initiatives, environmental strategies plus collaborative efforts between the UM campus and Ann Arbor community can be found here.

Resources external to the University

Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program
The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP) provides support to lawyers, judges, and law students who are dealing with mental illnesses, substance abuse, and other challenges in life. LJAP is especially well suited to help law students who are worried that their history of mental health and/or substance abuse–related incidents may be of concern to passing the character and fitness portion of the Bar exam, which is required to become a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan.

Dawn Farm Education Series
A free workshop series developed to provide accurate and practical information about chemical dependency, recovery and related issues; and to dispel the myths, misinformation, secrecy, shame and stigma that prevent chemically dependent individuals and their families from getting help and getting well.

Huron Valley Area Intergroup (information about local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings)

Local AA and Al-Anon Meetings

Online Intergroup Alchoholics Anonymous
Some groups conduct multiple meetings or offer multiple meeting formats such as email, chat or audio-visual. Visit this site for immediate help from AA members 24/7, to browse the online meeting directories, or to learn about AA. 


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