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Tutoring Program

The Law School's tutoring service, coordinated by Director Nealy's office within the Office of Student Life, is open to JD and LLM students at no cost to them. The sessions are designed to assist students who are experiencing specific difficulties in a particular subject. Services are limited to students with a cumulative grade point average below 3.250. First-year JD and LLM students may not request a tutor until they have completed one semester of study.

Tutors are fellow students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the area or areas they tutor. Once assigned, students may meet with the tutor at mutually convenient times and occasions. Each tutor spends an average of two to three hours per week with a tutee. Whenever possible, tutors are assigned to students who had the same professor for the course being tutored. Tutors for upper level classes and seminars may be available, dependent on course offerings in previous academic years. Tutors are not available for practice simulations, workshops, and clinics.

Depending on the availability, students may be individually tutored or may work in small groups. All students within a group must meet eligibility requirements; eligibility will be verified. Due to the limited number of available tutors, students may request tutoring for a maximum of two courses in any one semester.

To request a tutor, complete the Tutor Request Form. Allow 7–10 business days for the assignment of a tutor. You will be contacted by e-mail when a tutor has been identified for you.

For further information, please refer to the Student Handbook.