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Registration Information

Course Schedule

Registration Instructions

Law School Students

Class Bidding: At certain times throughout the year, Law School students bid on their ideal selection of classes through the Class Bidding system. This process provides students with the best chance to be assigned to the classes that they desire most.

MLaw Schedule: Students can create and compare potential schedules on MLaw Schedule as they plan their next term. This tool will help access information such as: professor bios, past and present course offerings, grade distributions, and class demand in the bidding process.

Drop/Add Period: After the Class Bidding period is over and initial class assignments are complete, students have the opportunity to adjust their enrollment by dropping unwanted classes and/or adding other available classes.

Research Credit: Law School students may engage in research projects and receive Law School credit. Foreign nationals may also enroll in Law Practicum Research as Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

External Credit: Law School students are able to take non-law classes or classes outside of the University of Michigan and receive credit for them.

Non-Law Graduate Students

Class Enrollment: Non-law graduate students may enroll in a limited selection of classes at the Law School.

Supplementary Information

Registration Schedule: Class Bidding and Drop/Add

Fall Term 2019

​Wolverine Access Drop/Add Start​May 20 (8 a.m.), Monday
​Waitlist Class Permissions* Start​September 3 (8 a.m.), Tuesday
​Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Start​September 3 (8 a.m.), Tuesday
​Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) End​September 6 (5 p.m.), Friday

​Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Results Available
     & Class Permissions* Entered

​September 10 (6 p.m.), Tuesday
​Last Day to Waitlist​September 10, Tuesday
​Wolverine Access Drop/Add End​September 11 (11:59 p.m.), Wednesday
Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add StartSeptember 12, Thursday
Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add EndDecember 6, Friday
Fall 2019 Research Enrollment Requests DueDecember 6, Friday

Winter Term 2020

Class Bidding (Clinic) Start October 22, 2019 (8 a.m.), Tuesday
Class Bidding (Clinic) EndOctober 25 (5 p.m.), Friday
Class Bidding (Clinic) Results AvailableNovember 8 (5 p.m.), Friday
Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice Simulation,
     PSI & Upper Class Course) Start 
November 11 (8 a.m.), Monday
Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice Simulation, 
     PSI & Upper Class Course) End
November 15 (5 p.m.), Friday
Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice Simulation, 
     PSI & Upper Class Course) Results
December 4 (5 p.m.), Wednesday
Wolverine Access Drop/Add StartDecember 23 (8 a.m.), Monday
Waitlist Class Permissions* StartJanuary 15, 2020 (8 a.m.), Wednesday
Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) StartJanuary 15 (8 a.m.), Wednesday
Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) EndJanuary 20 (5 p.m.), Monday
Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Results Available
     & Class Permissions* Entered
January 22 (6 p.m.), Wednesday
Last Day to WaitlistJanuary 22, Wednesday
Wolverine Access Drop/Add End January 23 (11:59 p.m.), Thursday
Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add StartJanuary 24, Friday
Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add EndApril 22, Wednesday
Winter 2020 Research Enrollment Requests DueApril 22, Wednesday

* Class permissions with enrollment deadlines entered by Office of Student Records. Selected students will receive an automated "Class Permission" email and have a limited time-frame (sometimes less than 24 hours) in which to enroll in Wolverine Access or forfeit their enrollment opportunity.


Spring/Summer 2020

Continuing Law students who plan to take courses over the summer should contact to request an enrollment appointment.