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Fall 2014 Footnotes

As of 7/28/2016 5:30:33 AM

(Pre-requisites and co-requisites are included when applicable.)

141.#603 EUROPEAN UNION COLLOQUIUM: Since topics covered vary each year, students may take this course multiple times.

149.#603 EUROPEAN UNION COLLOQUIUM: This course is open to all students who are currently enrolled in #664 European Union Law or who have previously taken an equivalent course on the European Union. Others may enroll with the instructor's permission.

150.#603 EUROPEAN UNION COLLOQUIUM: With the instructor's permission, students may choose among various options for how to fulfill the requirements of the EU Colloquium (e.g. research paper or reaction papers) and the number of credits earned. Students concurrently enrolled in #664 European Union Law may write a research paper in fulfillment of both #664 and the requirements of the EU Colloquium. Such a research paper would fulfill the upper-level writing requirement. For alternative requirements and credit options, please contact the instructor.

151.#603 EUROPEAN UNION COLLOQUIUM: This class will meet for nine sessions over the course of the term beginning in the second week.

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