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Fall 2012 Footnotes

As of 11/26/2015 5:27:36 AM

(Pre-requisites and co-requisites are included when applicable.)

4.This section of the course, seminar, or clinic fulfills the law upper-level writing requirement (LUWR) for JD students and the research requirement for LLM students.  EXCEPTION—Fall Starters who take the upper class course/seminar as the first-year elective do not fulfill the law upper-level writing requirement (LUWR) for JD students.

19.If you have received permission from the professor and are not a Fall Starter enrolled in a first-year elective, you may request enrollment in the paper option section (002) by sending an e-mail to and make “Paper Option” the subject line. This request must be made no later than--mid March for the Winter Term and mid November for the Fall term--unless an earlier deadline has been established by the professor. The e-mail should contain the following information:
  • Your FULL name (no nicknames)
  • Your STUDENT ID number (listed on your U of M ID card)
  • Professor’s FULL name (remember, we have many professors with the same last name and even the same first initial)
  • 3-digit course number
  • Course title
  • 5-digit class number of the section to drop (the section in which you are enrolled)
  • 5-digit class number of the section to add (the section displaying footnote #4)
  • Term in which you are making the section change

20.Both sections of this course meet simultaneously in the same classroom.

114.#630 PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW and #886 IMPACT OF HUMAN RIGHTS ON INTERNATIONAL LAW:  The upper class course and seminar will meet for six weeks from the week of October 22 through the week of November 28.

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