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Course Descriptions

As of 5/28/2020 4:57:37 AM

Housing America's Working Poor

Stable and Integrated Housing for America's Working Poor This course is one of four interdisciplinary problem solving courses offered at the Law School in fall 2017. Graduate and professional students in architecture and urban planning, business, education, law, public health, public policy, social work, and sociology are eligible to take this course. Working as a group with guidance from the instructors, students will design an interdisciplinary, comprehensive plan to address the unavailability of affordable, stable, and integrated housing for working poor people in the United States. We will focus on innovative, community-based solutions to this problem. Students will work collaboratively across disciplines to create a coherent plan to present to a hypothetical client such as a local, state, or federal governmental agency or a foundation. Class sessions will focus heavily on presentations or interviews with experts. Students also will be expected to spend significant time outside of class working in teams to reach out to relevant stakeholders, conduct research, draft documents, and otherwise work toward the creation of the plan. Although students will be broken into teams and assigned different projects, the class as a whole will work as a team to create a single interdisciplinary plan. Through active participation in the course, students will learn how to solve a social problem through analysis of best practices across a variety of disciplines, work effectively with members of a team, and generate policy. Meets Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00 PM and 4:10-6:10 PM, in 1060 LSSH.